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Importance of Transaction Processing System A Transaction Processing System is a set of information that processes the data operation in a database system that manages transaction programs. The technique of breaking down transactions utilizing a simple and unified method is known as transaction processing. A transaction plan operated by managing previously stored data. When a trouble happens in the transaction process the unfinished transaction must be rerun by the TPS. Even though the transaction processing system is not restricted to application programs it plays a very significant role when accessed by numerous users at the same time. Users of transaction processing system may range from one at a time groups or thousands of users at the same time. Transaction processing system traits • A transaction processing system’s quick performance is fundamental as it verifies the time from transaction input to the production output which must be a few seconds or less. • It should be dependable with low letdown rates and even when there is an inaccuracy during processing it should have a fast and correct recovery system. • It should show a stern adherence to data processing and ensure all transactions should be carried out in the similar manner to lessen error occurrence. • Must maintain the operations of the organizations especially if it is particular to the running of operations it should be both time and money-making by decreasing the number of times data processed. Benefits of the transaction processing system • It keeps a stable database and lessens risk of loss of user information in the incidence of terminal or network failure. • The use of transaction processing system in organizations is a vital feature in enhancing customer service and satisfaction. • It is adaptable as it supports the use of online payment system in real time and enhances more payment methods. Established in 2002 AppStar Financial offers a range of transaction processing services including debit credit EBT gift cards and checks for small to medium-sized retail home and internet merchants.

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