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Engagement and Wedding Rings- Metal Matters Once you are all prepared to get married there are a lot of things you need to juggle among. From locating the wedding dress to assigning wedding planner you need to make some wise decisions to make your wedding a memorable affair. Choosing the wedding ring is also one of the crucial factors that stays with you forever. It is depicted as the eternal bond of the couple and denoted as the token of love. With the wide range of options available out there in the market it often becomes pretty difficult to form up a decision and pick that ideal wedding or engagement ring. The selection of ring passes through a series of the filter including choosing the metal deciding the setting fixating a central stone etc. Metal is that important aspect that in creating a stunning of the entire ring and rightly complementing the central stone as well. Deciding the metal can be a daunting task as there are plenty of alluring options ranging from lustrous gold evergreen platinum stunning white gold and shiny silver. Though it depends on personal preferences to make a decision regarding the metal there are certain common factors that help in streamlining the hassles of choosing the metal. If you find yourself befuddled among the options here’s a list of a few popular metals along with the reasons to choose them: - Platinum - Sleek and Stunning Platinum is one of the popular metal choices for an engagement ring. Its elegant yet lustrous look make it an appealing metal for diamond rings. Platinum is the strongest and precious metal that is deemed to be scratch resistant. It is considered more durable than any other ring metal and it complements almost every centre stone. Furthermore platinum is the purest metal that means almost 95 of platinum is used to make a wedding band rest 5 will be a combination of other alloys.

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Gold - Lustre and Legacy Gold is a versatile metal and the most common option for making jewellery of all kinds. This metal is being used to make jewellery since ancient civilization. One of the major reason for such wide popularity of gold is that it doesnt get tarnished thereby making it one of the most durable and long-lived metal. Gold can be easily complemented with stone. You can even make a bold decision my pairing it with diamond. White Gold - Sophisticated and Simple Gold generally has two forms yellow gold the usual and white gold the contemporary. White gold is also one of the durable metals making it ideal for both engagement and wedding rings. According to ancient beliefs white gold represents fidelity thereby being an ideal choice for a wedding. White gold is somewhat similar to platinum in appeal but both have different characteristics in terms of its chemical mixture. Rose Gold - Trendy and Timeless Rose gold is among the trendiest avatar of wedding bands. It is created from a unique blend of yellow gold and copper alloy. While the gold gives it the required durability copper adds the tinge of lustre to the ring. Rose gold is considered to be an exceptional and romantic depiction of wedding and engagement ring metal. A growing number of contemporary couple are inclining towards this elegant yet trendy metal to create one of a kind appeal with their ring. An engagement ring is certainly something to cherish forever. Right from selecting the central stone and deciding the setting couples make sure is everything is next to perfect when it comes to buying a wedding or engagement ring. Choosing the metal is one of the daunting the often confuse people. Knowing the specific characteristics of particular metal and paying heed to personal preferences will definitely help in locating that ideal metal that perfectly holds your centre stone.

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