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Population of the Endangered Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia) in Tost Mountains, South Gobi, Mongolia :

Population of the Endangered Snow Leopard ( Panthera uncia ) in Tost Mountains, South Gobi, Mongolia By: Anna Shahbazyan Biology 7 Dr. Green- Marroquin

Snow Leopards (Panthera Uncia):

Snow Leopards ( Panthera Uncia ) Eukarya , Animalia , Chordata , Mammalia, Carnivora , Felidae Mountain ecosystems of 12 countries Important for a properly functioning ecosystem Difficult to monitor due to large home ranges

Population Monitoring Programs:

Population Monitoring Programs Provide information on status of wildlife populations help provide protection for adaptive management help increase understanding of biology of different species, fundamental processes of survival, reproduction and temporary migration and immigration

Study Area:

Study Area Tost Moutains , South Gobi, Mongolia area of 1,684 km 2 Temperatures range from -35° to +35° Celsius Water is difficult to obtain Livestock mainly goats and sheep, also includes camel, horse and cattle


Methods Grid of 5x5km over total area Camera trap in each grid 2 camera stations per home range Total of 40 to 42 camera trappings From 2009-2013

Map of study area:

Map of study area


Identification 5 pictures within an interval of 0.5 seconds between each picture Presence of three or more similarities in markings Unidentified individuals disregarded


Results From 381 total encountered only 13 adults and 21 young were marked and used for analysis Adults females increase from 4 to 10 individuals Adults males decreased from 6 to 4 individuals Decrease in number of cubs


Discussion Population of snow leopards has remained constant Estimate number of adults remained between 12 to 14 Change in sex ratio, number of males decrease number of females increased Number of cubs decrease could be due to the decreasing number of males

References :

References Koustubh Sharma , Rana Bayrakcismith , Lkhagvasumberel Tumursukh , Orjan Johansson, Purevsuren Sevger , McCarthy, Charudutt Mishra. “Vigorous Dynamics Underlie a Stable Population of the Endangered Snow Leopard Panthera uncia in Tost Mountains, South Gobi, Mongolia”. PLoS One. 2014; 9(7): e101319 . Published online Jul 9, 2014. doi :  10.1371/journal.pone.0101319 Jackson, R., Mallon, D., McCarthy, T., Chundaway , R.A. & Habib , B. 2008. Panthera uncia . The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2014.3. <>.

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