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The construction industry is one of the most complex, wide spread and happening industry today. With Big Data solutions paving their way into each and every domain


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Big Data Solutions – Providing a Powerful Thrust to the Construction Industry The world of Big Data has been encompassing almost all industrial domains across the globe under its purview and by and large penetrating deep into each one of them. The construction industry is no exception to it even though the very thought of this unique combination – Big Data in Construction Industry looks quite vague. It is tough to perceive how Big Data solutions would benefit this huge heavy industry which involves a large amount of complexity in terms of cost material handling stake holders geographical locations project management stringent deadlines and much more. Higher complexity higher is the need for Big Data to wave its magic wand over it and show its spark. Looking at the huge amount of data that would get generated out of this industry zone there would be a range of benefits that would be generalized in nature applicable to any industry domain and some of them would be specific to this particular industry genre. The difficult part is that analytics has not been an active ingredient in the construction industry owing to its own set of complexities. Of course it is getting increasingly popular now but as compared to other fraternities like Retail Financing E-Commerce Education Oil Gas Entertainment etc. it will still buy some time to get total control through Big Data Analytics. Gradually technologies like real-time data analytics cloud-computing with huge and unstructured data sets are gaining momentum with relevant stakeholders like architects engineers and owners experiencing the benefits of this wonderful innovation. They are now happily linking their complex webbed financial and corporate data through the Big Data Solutions and leveraging its usage to the fullest. 5 Key Areas in the Construction Industry where Big Data Solutions Play a Pivotal Role  Monitoring and tracking construction kits and machines The moment you talk of the construction industry the spread is so huge and wide that it seems almost impossible for any technology to get its grab over the industry information. But Big Data Solutions in the construction industry have been proving their mettle by performing the impossible. With them it is now a seemingly possible situation to trace and track all the geographically spread out assets and also plan its movement. This is a sure shot way to get the projects going on time since the time lag in searching for information is eliminated to a large extent.  Availability of a in-depth stakeholder database leading to lesser risks Though construction projects may not be huge in numbers as compared to other arenas the involvement of stake holders like contractors engineers architects designers customers workers and many others is quite large. Big Data

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can assist in maintaining a database of all these stakeholders along with their past performances and attributes which will surely help while selecting the most appropriate one and leading to a less project risk involved.  Possibility of accurate predictions before hand Because there is lot of historical data available there are chances of simulating the possible difficulties and challenges beforehand so as to ensure a flawless project execution when it comes to actual implementation. It can also help in prefabricating huge modules of a building through technology support fastening the process of onsite construction.  Route optimization enhancing efficiency of delivery of machines and other equipments Big data along with the GPS vehicle based data is a guaranteed help when it comes to advising the correct route to vehicles supplying machines and other equipments leading to decreased fuel costs and increased efficiency in terms of timely delivery and faster execution of the project.  Efficient project management through analytical reports It is an easy task now for construction managers to get a purview of the quality standards being followed throughout the project along with safety measures and relevant equipment standards. Risk mitigation becomes an easy task with early identification of possible defects. Also the large number of meteorological reports that would get generated would give a glimpse of the possible weather conditions that could harm the project execution thereby saving a lot on time money and efforts. With increasing awareness the construction industry has now adapted to Big Data Services and is leveraging the potential behind it to the maximum. Day by day there is an increasing usage of this robust technology leading to timely project deliveries increased profits enhanced profitability and augmented business growth. SPEC INDIA has been consistently providing quality solutions in BI and Big Data technology. Our BI and Analytics portfolio showcases excellent capabilities to structure curate analyze and handle all your data with prudence. With implementation expertise in Big Data technologies like Hadoop MongoDB and HP Vertica we excel in building custom database solutions for our enriched client base along with advanced Big Data services. We are global certified partners of Pentaho and officially figure in the Pentaho Partner Network List. We also provide highly skilled BI and Big Data resources who could be hired on hourly / monthly / yearly basis for onsite and offsite engagement. Click here to request for a Free POC to test drive our services.

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