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Zoho Creator is a RAD based platform that reduces development time of android applications from months to weeks. Zoho Creator provides extensive customization options for the platform. https://www.intelebiz.com/service/mobile-app/


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What Is Zoho Creator? :

What Is Zoho Creator? Zoho Creator is a RAD platform. The improved speed is one of its most prominent feature. It has a low-code interface for the applications to be built and launched very rapidly. Minimalistic User Interface Zoho creator uses the drag-and-drop interface. It is intuitive and straightforward for use in all types of android application development services. It helps to minimize the code and maximize number of clicks.

Automation and Scheduling :

Automation and Scheduling With this android application development services platform, we can schedule repetitive tasks in order to run at set intervals (scheduling ). Tasks are triggered to be executed when certain criteria is met, it is known as automation . Automation and scheduling are the important factors of this android application development services platform.

Low-code Scripting :

Low-code Scripting Zoho Creator uses low-code scripting . Proprietary scripting language of it is Deluge . The language is readily available to build workflows . This makes it easy to automate tasks to be performed in android application development services.

Data Visualization :

Data Visualization The data can be represented visually with the reports feature of this platform i.e. Data Visualization. Visualization styles that are available, include spreadsheets, lists, calendars, pivot tables and pivot charts. Mobile App Zoho Creator has a specialized mobile app for its users. This mobile app is accessible from any OS: iOS or Android. It is best platform useful for a mobile app development solution company.

Intelecorp Software Pvt Ltd. :

Intelecorp Software Pvt Ltd. Intelecorp is one of the top android app development company in India that can help you leverage their expertise. If you’re intrested in android app development Services and need a technology & promotional partner, have a look at our services for your current and future projects . Contact Us : Contact No. : 022-40011888 Email Us : [email protected] Visit Website : https://www.intelebiz.com/service/mobile-app/