You Must Know About Iphone App Design Principles


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Iphone app design Apple is always known to break convention, shake up electronic industry and, change the game as we know it. iphone app design is an important part to create out of the box products.For More Business Information, Visit Website:


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You Must Know About Iphone App Design Principles :

You Must Know About Iphone App Design Principles

Respect The Platform :

Respect The Platform When you want to go for iphone app design for native platforms, you should refer to the native OS design guidelines for maximum quality . Native platform guidelines evolve constantly, so it’s important to stay on top of these guidelines. Refresh and adapt to the knowledge often.

Focus On The Customer Benefit :

Focus On The Customer Benefit Always ask yourself: How will my iphone app design benefit the customer ? You need to think for the customer benefit first . Do not simply design for the sake of reusing a pattern, or component for another feature.

Think Device First :

Think Device First Think about maximum utilization of device capabilities . A native apple device has touch, voice, pressure, location tracking, accelerometer, notifications, etc. to be used . Think about how can device features be utilized in our products?

Keep Scalability In Mind :

Keep Scalability In Mind Scalability between an apple phone and tablet is a basic challenge to iphone app design makers . While the phone and tablet share many similarities, users may use them very differently . Mobile interfaces smaller than 7 “width should be treated as a phone . Mobile interfaces more than 7”width should be treated as a tablet . Tablet designs should look and feel like desktop web, but function like the phone.

Screen Transitions :

Screen Transitions Carefully designed transitions between screens makes navigating content beautiful . It’s important to understand when “Push” and “Modal” should be used.

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