10 Important Things To Know About Podcasting

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10 Important things to know about Podcasting Okay you have been hearing about podcasts for a while now and might have even had a chance to listen to one. So what the heck is a podcast A podcast is an audio means of reaching an audience that you might not be able to reach through your blog. It is like having your own radio show where you focus on a topic you are knowledgeable or passionate about and get people to subscribe to your show. That way they can listen to your podcast live or at their own convenience. More people nowadays are listening to podcasts than they are reading blogs. A podcast is an excellent means of getting new followers to your website and eventually convert them to paying customers. So before launching a podcast you must understand the following basics about Podcasting. 1. Audience First The rule is first the audience then a guest and then the podcaster. Too often podcasters place the guest first predicting they are a beneficial material or think that people only want to hear two people chat. Your guest should provide clear engaging bite size information that makes the listener want to find out more about the subject or take a specific action. 2. Podcasting Is a Long Road The most significant aspect of Podcasting is the opportunity to create trust in an audience. Trust takes time to grow and you should make frequent partnership deposits before trying to make withdrawals. Your listeners have to feel comfortable and believe in the product or service that you are trying to sell. 3. It Is a Show Your podcast is not a free chatting platform. A show is supposed to be a story. It should start by capturing the attention of the audience. Then fascinate them and set

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expectations as to why they should give you time. Several events or concepts build on the other provide the listener with the opportunity to listen. 4. Proper Planning A podcast is far more likely to have more downloads if you keep the show attractive cohesive and thoughtful. This can only be consistently achieved through proper preparation and. It also enables you to preview potential episodes that can be quite effective. A good method is also to check out your competition and see what has worked for their most successful episodes. 5. Coherence and Longevity Thousands of podcasts hardly go beyond 20 episodes before they are abandoned. This is because sometimes people do not take the time to do their homework and be ready to invest the time and energy required to be successful. It is not easy to develop a large subscriber base. Dont be disappointed if in the first 20 minutes you dont see the figures you expect. Keep working at it until you get good traction. 6. Engaging Content Make sure that you choose your topics very carefully and discuss topics that people are interested in listening to. Nobody wants to listen to your show except for your relatives and friends. As a podcaster you must be passionate trained updated and motivated. Take this into account when promoting your show. 7. Connect With The Audience Even if you have only ten listeners engage them. Make it a goal for each episode to name a listener. Ask for their views observations and engage with them. This allows you to build a personal relationship with your listeners and also generate trust. 8. Deliver Just The Right Stuff Have the right information and keep out the filler stuff. If you can say something in 5 minutes don’t drag it into a 12-minute conversation with irrelevant stuff. Your listeners

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can see through that and might not return. Not everybody is a follower of someone who gives detailed updates on life. 9. Good Editing The most successful podcasters are always looking for the best way to get their content out to their listeners. They often edit the podcast to ensure that it does not take too long if you have a subject thats perfect for a long format. The message is to keep it as tightly as possible or broken down into smaller units for ease of consumption. 10. Pay more attention to the feedback Podcasters often put more emphasis on the podcast downloads than the actual feedback. Ensure that you take the time to review the feedback that you get and incorporate sound suggestions to ensure that you keep the attention of the listeners.’ Conclusion It could appear obvious but it is natural to get self-conscious and doesnt sound like you when you first speak to a microphone. Relax laugh and be animated while conducting your show. If you have one dont feel embarrassed or try to cover your accent. Be yourself and take pride in getting the message out. You will have a group of supporters soon enough that they cant wait for your next episode. ____________________________________________________________ Bunmi Adebajo Bunmi Adebajo is the President of Best Content Marketing an Agency focused on Content Strategy and Content Marketing. She is a Content Bulldog who is passionate about business growth and development. She currently lives in Houston TX and can be reached here. References: https://medium.com/thammerich/10-things-i-wish-i-had-known-about-podcasting- 7f49cb44fa82 https://www.shoutmeloud.com/tips-for-starting-podcast-beginners.html

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