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Questions Name: Hour: 1 Major Rivers – PASS Preparation Part 1 – Map Labels (15 points) Label the following major rivers with circled numbers on the ArcMap map that you printed: (1)Arkansas, (2) Ohio, (3) Mississippi, (4) Brazos, (5) Colorado, (6) Red, (7) Missouri, (8) Snake, (9) Rio Grande, (10) Platte, (11) Colombia, (12) Canadian, (13) Tennessee, (14) Sacramento, (15) Gila Part 2 – Map Questions (20 points) Use ArcMap to help you answer the following questions: The Canadian River is a tributary of: Arkansas The Kings River is found in what state: California The headwaters for the Missouri River are in what state: Wyoming The Red River of the North forms the boundary between what two states: North Dakota and Minnesota The boundary between Indiana and Kentucky is formed by this river: Ohio Name four tributaries of the Mississippi River: Answers will vary What river forms the boundary between Oklahoma and Texas: Red Name three major rivers that have their source in Colorado: Colorado, Rio Grande, Arkansas What river forms the boundary between California and Arizona: Colorado In what state is the confluence of the Yellowstone River and the Missouri River: North Dakota In what state is the confluence of the Snake River and the Colombia River: Washington Through what states does the Susquehanna River flow: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland Staple your ArcMap map to this worksheet


What does “crossing the Rubicon” mean? Where is the Rubicon River? A phrase connoting the passage of a point of no return. The phrase refers to Julius Caesar's invasion of Ancient Rome, when, on January 10, 49 BC, he led his army across the Rubicon river in violation of law, hence making conflict inevitable. The Rubicon is in northern Italy. 2 Major Rivers – PASS Preparation Internet search – Extra Credit Part 4 – Internet Search (9 points) Use the link to the List of Longest Rivers to find answers to these questions. What are the three longest rivers in the world: Nile, Amazon, Yangtze (Chang Jiang) What is the largest river in the world (in terms of discharge): Amazon What is the longest river in Australasia? Murray/Darling What are the four longest rivers in Africa? Nile, Congo, Niger, Zambezi Part 3 – Stream Terminology Review – Matching (11 points) Word Bank __F__ A region of land where water drains downhill into a specified body of water __I__ The spring from which the stream originates or other point of origin of a stream __H__ The bottom of the stream __K__ A stream that flows only after precipitation events __A__ The part of a stream or river close to its source __B__ The point at which the two streams merge __D__ The fall of water where the stream goes over a sudden drop called a knickpoint __G__ The point at which the stream discharges into a static body of water such as a lake or ocean __J__ Flatlands on either side of the stream that are subject to seasonal flooding __C__ A contributory stream __E__ A depression created by constant erosion, that carries the stream's flow A. headwater B. confluence C. tributary D. waterfall E. channel F. watershed G. mouth H. bed I. source J. floodplain K. ephemeral


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