De-motivation at Work

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De-motivation at work causes and solutions


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De-Motivation Causes and solutions Done by: AL MARZOOQ Sara Sanad , Amal BILONG , Paloma


Plan Definition of De-motivation. Difference between de-motivation and motivation. Motivation Theories. Causes Consequences. Solutions. Interview Questions. Opinions and recommendations.

“When you don’t care anymore”:

“When you don’t care anymore” You Fail Stupidity Losing Mistakes Changes Cluelessness


De-motivation - France 6% - USA 30% - Canada 24% - UK 17% - Germany 15% - Japan 9% -Middle-East 20% The unreasonable workload 18% Feeling underpaid 18% Lack of clear career path 17%

PowerPoint Presentation:

Type of De-motivation Internal External The Bright Side Motivated employees: Active at work. Love their job. Motivate others. An excellent role model. Positive image for the company. Results: Achieving goals. Gain positive perspective. Build self esteem The Dark side De-motivated employees: Lazy at work. Complain about work and time. A Poor role model. Negative impact on others. Bad image for the company. Results: No productivity. Strong Side effect in the company.

Motivation Theories:

Motivation Theories Traditional theory “X” by Sigmund Freud Theory “Y” by Douglas Mc Gregor. Theory “Z” by Abraham Maslow. Maslow Sigmund Freud Douglas

Maslow’s Theory:

Maslow’s Theory


Causes Lack of appreciation Non-challenging work. Jerk bosses. Promotion policies. Pigeonholing Time wastes.


Consequences individual level Disappointed Increasing from colleagues interpersonal relation level Dismissing interaction  Avoiding conflicts Social level Decrease of innovation abilities Unemployment


Solutions  The manager's mission: Equip them to succeed. Recognize good work. Make work interesting. Maintain the momentum.

Interview companies Questions:

Interview companies Questions How many employees does the company has? What criteria do they follow in recruiting people? The range of salaries for different level of employees? What motivation techniques do their firm apply? What specific elements they feel are lacking and should be in their firm? Describe the work environment in the company? Our opinions and recommendations.

How to motivate yourself !:

How to motivate yourself ! Change from a “maybe” to a “must”. Work towards a goal. Start slow: Instead of jumping into something at full speed take it step by step. Remember your successes. Find out what makes you happy.

Resources !:

Resources ! Internet: http :// http:// Phone interviews with : Charleston in France. Algaziari Inc. Transport: The General director of finance and administration   Books: The Miracle Motivation by George Shinn. Successful Management by Motivation. By Bruno. S Frey. The Motivation Breakthrough Book by Richard Lavoie.

Thank You for your Attention:

Thank You for your Attention