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By: Cadet Sergeant Richard Michael Gay Class of 2008


Waking up in the morning is hard, because you must get up and be prepared to start classes. The usual wake up time is 0600, but some people like to get up at 0530, which is the best, because you have more time to get your personal hygiene done.


BRC stands for Breakfast Roll Call. Most of us do not like that. We just want our FOOD!! That comes later. We fall into formation and the Battalion Commander, or who ever is in charge will take report of all who are there. After roll call, every company marches past the staff and around to the mess hall.


We fall out into the mess hall and stand behind our chairs at attention. We wait until the officers march in, the Commandant has no further messages, and prayer is over. Then, the mess hall OD (Officer of the Day) will call companies to go eat. After a while, the OD calls companies to take their plates to the back; then we stand at attention again until dismissed.


Room CQ means we all go to our rooms and clean them so we can pass inspection and have power (to our electronics) for the rest of the day. Cleaning the rooms is not the hard part, it is keeping them clean after you walk in and out so many times before inspection.


Release is time for all cadets to come out of room CQ and time to walk out to the stoops or go to the bathrooms and clean. The stoops and the bathrooms also get inspected. If either one fails, your Company Commander will usually discipline the company; and, trust me, the consequences are never fun.


First call means that it is time to go to class. Here at Fishburne we follow a six period schedule. Don’t worry, all of the classes are 45 minutes long and some of the teachers are cool. You get 5 minutes between classes. The 'class' part of the day will go by very fast.


At the Hurry Call bell, you’d better quicken your pace. Being late is not allowed, so you’d better HURRY!


At this bell, if you are still on the stoops, you’d better be running, because you will be in huge trouble if you are late at all to any classes. Basically, run your heart out at this bell. My point is…GET TO CLASS ON TIME!


At this bell, everyone should be in their classes. If not, I feel sorry for you. If you are absent class, you will get tours and detention. If you do get tours have fun, because there are a lot of other things you could do with your time.


LRC stands for Lunch Roll Call. This formation is like BRC except for the fact that you know that you only have one more class after lunch and you are done for the day.


This room CQ is the best, because you can sleep for about 30 minutes or you can play on your computer, watch a movie, or hang with your friends. This is your time to relax. Do with it as you want, but remember to use your time wisely.


At the release bell it is time to go to your sixth and final class of the day. Don’t worry, the last class of the day goes by really fast. At 1355, classes are released and, well, classes are finally over for the day.


Help Class starts after all of your classes are over. At Help Class, you go to a certain teacher in whose class you are having trouble and you get help. The teachers are very helpful.


You will know when to go to accountability formation because it is the next five minute bell you will hear after help class. All the cadets fall out in their companies and the officers do roll call and assign detention and tours. Also, this formation is where cadet of the month, company of the month, promotions, demotions and stuff like that takes place.


After accountability formation, and sometimes at 1530, it is time for sports. In the fall and winter Fishburne offers: Football, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, and Basketball. In the spring Fishburne offers: Lacrosse, Soccer, Track, Field, Tennis, Golf, and Baseball.


SRC stands for Supper Roll Call. This formation is like all the other meal formations throughout the day. SRC is a time we get mail that our loved ones send us.


You are assigned study hall based on grades. First call--huh. Well, all those who did not make honor roll have to go to one of two types of study halls. The first study hall lasts for an hour. That is plenty of time to get a lot of your homework completed. SO DO IT!


This study hall follows the first study hall. This study hall is also an hour long. You might have to attend both hours, or you can study one of the hours in your room. Again, there’s plenty of time to get your homework done. DO IT!


If you are an intellectual cadet and make good grades, then you make honor roll. That means that you get to stay in your room for both study halls and chill, do homework, sleep or whatever. I suggest that you get your homework done first. Sleep can come after homework.


At 2215, lights have to be turned out. You do not have to go to sleep, but lights, TVs, and computers are not allowed to be on. Congrats. You survived your first day. Time to finish the rest of the year.


Salute those who have gone before and those who served, and still serve, this great country. We thank you for all that you have done.