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ECON 219E: Economics for Future Teachers: 

ECON 219E: Economics for Future Teachers Fall, 2006 Dr. VanFossen

Agenda: 8/22: 

Agenda: 8/22 Calvin and Hobbes cartoons… Handout andamp; review syllabus Overview of the course… Test of Economic Literacy Photos!!

But first…: 

But first…

…a little bit about your Professor:: 

…a little bit about your Professor: Dr. Phillip VanFossen James F. Ackerman Professor of Social Studies Education, Dept. of Curriculum andamp; Instruction Associate Director, Purdue Center for Economic Education (w/ courtesy appointment in Krannert School of Management) Director, Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship (BRNG 4115)


Background Economics educator/university professor/classroom teacher for 20+ years: 10th year at Purdue 4 years at the State University of New York at Geneseo Taught economics at the middle school, high school, undergraduate andamp; grad level Married w/ 2 children…. Very active in our church…First United Methodist…New building on St. Rte. 26! Golf Nut!

My Family…: 

My Family…

My Daughters!: 

My Daughters!

My Daughters!: 

My Daughters! Madison (age 11) is in 6th grade @ Klondike MS Liliana (Lilly) Grace (age 6) started 2nd grade @ Klondike ES

Course Format: 

Course Format Meet Tues/Thurs; 7:30-8:45 Lots of activities: YOUR PARTICIPATION IS ESSENTIAL! Attendance is very important, so… ‘economic incentive’ to come… 10 bonus points for no more than one (1) unexcused absence Encourage you to bring in newspaper articles related to economics….

Classroom Mini-Economy (CME): 

Classroom Mini-Economy (CME) economic simulation for use with K-6 CME works with classroom ‘currency’ Our currency: ‘BoilerDollars’ Earn ‘BoilerDollars’ through various tasks contribute in class… bring in newspaper articles… assist with activities in class… share ‘econ’ related stories… come to my office to chat about economics… other…

Classroom Mini-Economy (CME): 

Classroom Mini-Economy (CME) BoilerDollars can be used in our class auction (in November) to buy: curriculum materials ‘free miss’ passes children’s books and more… More info on CME at 219E HomePage

Course Materials: 

Course Materials Framework for Teaching Basic Economic Concepts edited by P. Saunders (1995) What Economics is About (Indiana Dept. of Ed.) Can download from 219E homepage… Also available in TRC (3287 BRNG)…. Various Internet Readings (log onto to ECON 219E homepage) Indiana Academic Standards for Social Studies, Economics K-6 (Indiana Dept. of Ed.) Can be printed from 219 home page Can be copied in TRC (3287 BRNG)

ECON 219E HomePage: 

ECON 219E HomePage Syllabus Internet Readings Class Information Assignments, etc.

Assignments : 

Assignments 4 Quizzes: 25 pts. each; in class 'Big Quiz' (taken during finals week) Curriculum Materials Review Virtual Economics 2 assignment Newspaper Article Critique Class participation…

For next time…. : 

For next time…. log on to ECON 219E homepage Read assignments… Print or copy 'What Economics is About' Bring Indiana Academic Standards for Social Studies, Economics, K-6 copies in TRC (3287 BRNG) or on-line…. 10 BoilerDollars if you bring BOTH next time! Newspaper articles related to economics…(5 BoilerDollars…)

Test of Economic Literacy : 

Test of Economic Literacy Nationally-normed, standardized test of economic knowledge Use this ‘pre-test’ to determine where we are starting… NO IMPACT ON COURSE GRADE!!