How Can You Communicate Possible Risks Effectively With Your Staff

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OSHA – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration – is an agency in the United States that is responsibility of ensuring safety at work and a healthy working environment. OSHA’s mission is to prevent work-related injuries and deaths making it one of the most important standards regarding safety as it provides essential steps to be followed while handling potentially dangerous products and alerts on possible risks. However employees often have problems with compliance and integration into the safety program at their workplace. This can be avoided by following the below mentioned steps that can help comply with the safety programs correctly. 1 Creating a written risk communication plan A written document about any aspect in the workplace with all details mentioned is important to ensure that no individual working there has missed out a point. A written document on the handling of chemicals and other dangerous substances thus ensures safety of the staff. The document must include the details of the chemicals and products along with the procedures for usage and the possible risks if mishandled. A written document generally includes purpose and scope schedule of tasks and inspections procedures to be carried out training programs best practices to be used methods of storage and transportation and methods to avoid risks. 2 Inventory list There must be a list of the chemicals products and other substances used to define where and how each one should be used. The data provided here must include location tracking

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tracking of containers management of prohibited products conversions and units of measurement calculations. 3 Library of safety data sheets Once all the risks and risky products are identified and categorized all of it should be organized in the form of safety data sheets to create a library that can provide easy access to employees at all times. This library must include everything about the identification of substances and the suppliers storage and handling guidelines composition and detailed information of the components physical and chemical characteristics list of risks involved protection guidelines and first aid measures. 4 Labeling Labeling is one of the most promising methods of maintaining safety and reducing hazards and accidents. Every product and container should be appropriately and clearly labeled. High visibility labels must be used that clearly depict the product’s name risks warnings and any warning signs where necessary. This is where Alltronix can help. Brady is a pioneer in manufacturing a variety of labels designed for a wide range of applications and environments. They produce special heat resistant waterproof chemical resistant and many other kinds of labels that can be effectively used in the most extreme environments too. And Alltronix is the leading Brady distributor in Pune Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Chennai and Hyderabad where you can get these labels easily from. 5 Training of the staff Last but most important the entire staff must be trained well and educated about every product in the premises including the staff right from top management to the lower levels. All the personnel must be correctly trained about the products and risks involved. They must be able to identify read and interpret labels and data sheets. They should also know how to assess all that they are involved with. With these simple steps you can significantly avoid accidents in your workplace and keep your staff safe against dangers For more information visit:

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