The Rise Of Solar Power In India

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Solar power is the world’s largest growing energy source with India being one of the fast developing countries in this field. The country’s solar capacity installed reached 23 gigawatts GW by the end of June 2018 This shows a gigantic expansion of India’s solar generation capacity. In fact India has targeted the 20 GW capacity to be completed by the year 2022 but the country is way ahead of its schedule. With this achievement the average current price of solar electricity has seen to be dropped to 18 below the average price of its coal-fired counterpart. Now with this huge achievement the Indian government has expanded its solar plans even further wishing to target 100 GW of solar capacity by 2022 While unbelievable but the improvements in solar thermal storage power technology in recent years has made this task likely to be accomplished. Meanwhile solar photovoltaics PV has grown quicker than any other fuel which shows the birth of a new era in solar PV. And the expected capacity growth is likely to be higher than any other renewable technology by 2022. India is also developing off-grid solar power for local energy requirements. Solar products have increasingly helped to meet the needs of the rural areas. By the end of 2015 almost 1 million solar lanterns were sold throughout the country thus reducing the need for kerosene. More than 1 lakh solar home lighting systems were installed almost 50000 solar street lights were installed and almost 1.5 million solar cookers were distributed that year. With this in mid-2018 the Indian government increased the target for installed solar within the country to 227 GW by the end of the year 2022. This increase is because of

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the headquarters of the International Solar Alliance in Gurgaon whose foundation stone was late in January 2016 by Prime Minister Narendara Modi. Here the main focus will be on promoting and developing solar energy and solar products. With the increasing demand the productions will rise which will reduce the costs thus facilitating the increased deployment of solar technologies to poor and remote areas. Moreover the country’s scheme for development of solar parks has attracted foreign capital toward construction of the world’s largest ultra-mega solar parks. With all of this the need for solar energy doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. In fact continual advances have made solar an increasingly important player in the field of energy. And these advances have also significantly grown the opportunities for specialty connectors. In solar thermal power plants HARTING connectors are used on distribution boxes that are located on the heliostats to collect data and energy. PushPull connectors help in exchange of data while the Han series connectors are used for power connection. To get hold of these finest quality connectors you can get in touch with Alltronix the renowned HARTING distributor in Chennai Delhi Mumbai Hyderabad Bangalore and Pune. Here you can get all kinds of connectors like circular connectors data connectors electronic connectors power connectors heavy duty connectors and modular rectangular connectors. For more info kindly visit our site at

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