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Like there are a few good forex sites that are dedicated to providing information on Forex ex : , ,

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The Fair Forex Trading Forum

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Unlike any other forex review site, Forex Justice is a two-way communication forum, free of bias and spin.  Your input is valued and posted, unedited, for all to see.  The benefits of using Forex Justice as a beginner’s learning tool and professional’s sounding board are numerous:  Your experiences, good and bad, are the lessons others can learn about which forex sites to trust and which to avoid. Online forex guides are available to give you the ABCs of forex currency trading from neutral sources without any agenda. This unique, back-and-forth blackboard is the most reliable source of forex information on the Web. About Us

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For the absolute newcomer to forex trading, this short collection of videos found on will gently introduce you to the world of currency exchange. Several education and forex training programs are readily available over the Web to further your trading skills and knowledge and range from forex courses to rather complex software algorithms to help with trade decisions. I suggest you take the time to read the appropriate reviews and feel free to post reviews on any company, Platform or website that you have had experience with. Forex ?

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No one cares if your money is taken. No one will lose any sleep if you’ve been lied to. There are no repercussions if you’re treated unfairly. Investors trade at their own risk and have no legal recourse to enforce justice. Forex trading is very different from the U.S. stock market. The major differences include: * Forex has no central exchange * Forex trading can be done around the clock * Forex has no overseeing regulatory commission, such as the SEC Why WeAre Different

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