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AOR Performance is the top sorce to buy diesel performance parts for cars & trucks from major brands like Bully Dog, Edge, Magnaflow and many more. Call us at (765) 458-7321 for more info.


By: LiliaBillia (124 month(s) ago)

Thanks for the info! I've been looking at diesel performance parts for my new SUV, and I definitely will keep this in mind. http://www.rudysdiesel.com

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aorperformance.com Our site allows users to search efficiently for only the products that fit their vehicle- this means that searches are quicker and more efficient and the user is less likely to order the wrong item for their car. This creates what we believe to be user confidence in our site. ■ We have over 40,000 products in our database that suit many different types of year/make/models. ■ We have free shipping on all qualified orders. ■ We have industry leading pricing.

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aorperformance.com ■ We’ve been in business for 10 years. ■ Our customer service is very knowledgeable and provides only the most honest information to our customers. ■ Thousands of new products are being added every month.

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aorperformance.com Some of our products

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aorperformance.com Contact Information Address: AOR Performance S. State Rd. 101 Liberty, IN 47353Phone:(765) 458-7321

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aorperformance.com Thank you

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