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HP : 97631900 (Desmond Wong) Organise4U Website : www.organise4u.com.sg  Email:  [email protected] - Wing Chun Kung Fu for Adults / Children / Ladies Self Defence (The trend for Kung FU Fitness is coming to town) - YOGA + Wing Chun Kung FU Package (It’s a Way of Life ) - Beauty Workshops from ZA Beauty School (Where ladies get the attention) - Geomancy - Natural Mysteries Tour (Hop onto the Fengshui Express) - Getting aquatinted with Tarot / The Western Astrology Workshop on Numerology andamp; Astrology /'Crystals andamp; Chakras' Workshop / Astro-Palmistry -'I Can Remember' (A Memory Improvement Workshop) - Business and Dining Etiquette / Etiquette Workshop for Children and Teenagers - Be Wizard like ‘Harry Potter’! Magic Tricks Workshop for Children  / Wacky Workshop in Balloon Twisting / Street Magic Workshop - Creative Balloon Sculpturing Wkshop (Adults) /  'Sweet Love' : Romantic Balloon Sculpture Wkshop - Bowling Workshop / Bowling Excursion for parent and child - Visit to Malaysia Kahang Organic Eco Farm andamp; the Koraf Water Obstacles ( http://kahang-ecorganics.com/index.html ) What’s hot and the trend Companies / Rec Club /School organising for its members!!! Reg No 53004652X

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