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A History of Graphic Design The Influence of Modern Art – Expressionism

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13-46 Expressionism was not so much an art movement as a style that grew throughout the modern era. Expressionists felt the social crisis around the war and also revolted against the conventional aesthetic forms and cultural norms. They also consciously sought new approaches to art and life, but instead of delving into the subconscious as the Surrealists, they focused on human emotions. The Expressionists used exaggeration, distortion, bright, clashing colors and bold strokes. They depicted personal responses, inner self conflict, violence and tragedy. Expressionism

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13-46 Expressionism The Scream by Norwegian painter Edvard Much (1893) is a great example of Expressionism. We see the exaggeration of the form in elongating the head to focus on the ‘O’ of the mouth. The contrasting colors of blue and orange, disjointed spaces and agitated brushstrokes add to the intensity. Expressionism is not so much concerned with representing accurate forms and harmony, but rather to achieve the highest expression intensity through the use of exaggeration, distortion and primitivism.

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13-46 13-46 “This powerful antiwar statement was commissioned by the International Association of Labor Unions in Amsterdam.” Graphic design learned from the Expressionists that : Symbolic content was very important Color, line and proportion could be exaggerated and distorted for emphasis Capturing intense emotion elicited a strong response in audiences Expressionism

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13-46 Expressionism The Sick Child Edvard Much, 1907

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13-46 Expressionism

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13-46 Expressionism

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13-46 Expressionism

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13-46 Expressionism