Things to consider while designing a Logo

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Check out what are all the things to consider while designing a logo.


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Things to consider while designing a Logo


A good logo tells a story about your company- Who you are? what you do? what you stand for?

Consider the following things while designing a Logo:

Consider the following things while designing a Logo Design Brief Research Add Design Elements Checklist Revision File Formats


Design Brief Design Brief includes, Logo Name Tag line Desired style the company desires to communicate Description of the services or products Color considerations or dislikes Budget and time restraints


Research Start by researching direct competitors in your market. You do not want to inadvertently plagiarize a competitor's logo. In addition, you need to look at what the masses are doing and ensure that your design does not fall into the 'same old' designs. What is your target market demographic? Design for your market.

Add Design Elements:

Add Design Elements Keep pushing the design process until you come up with the winning design. In most cases, this will be with the collaboration of the business owner or marketing manager etc.


Checklist Go through the following checklist and make sure it comes up flush with the suggestions, Is it unique? Is it simple? Is it scalable? Does it look good? Appropriate to the product or service you provide Does it work in black and white?


Revision After going through the checklist, the logo may need to undergo some revisions to comply. This may involve adding another element, but more likely, it will involve culling redundant design elements.

File Formats:

File Formats Once you have your finalized logo, be sure to get the following file formats: The original EPS A PNG or GIFF for web-based application A high-resolution PDF


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