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Discover the Latest Hip Hop Music Beats, Information about various artists and the hottest scoop surrounding them. Video Album Songs are also up now.


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Hip hop music videos:

Hip hop music videos Artistic expression of songs in visual form

Classic Videos:

Classic Videos Michael Jackson was one of the first musicians to take the music video into a completely different form of expression. He made the videos tell a story far beyond the song, they created a mini film. With Kendrick Lamar recently using Michael Jackson lyrics and samples from the king of pop’s videos, it’s clear hip hop and hip hop videos have been influenced by Michael Jackson.

New Hip Hop Music Videos:

New Hip Hop Music Videos Most great hip hop artists these days create hip hop videos for their songs for a couple of reasons. First, the videos give their songs more of a clear picture or window into the meaning of the song. Two, hip hop videos create more hype for the rappers themselves. The videos can show a certain lifestyle the rapper is living, making it more appealing to the viewers.

Best new hip hop videos :

Best new hip hop videos The best new hip hop videos provide two things for the viewers. First, they shed light on some of the harder symbols and meanings the song contains. Second, they still leave some ambiguity in the song for the viewer to interpret some of the videos meaning. Kendrick Lamar’s hip hop video for “ i ” and Flying Lotus’s “Never Catch Me” do exactly just that.

Generic Hip Hop Videos:

Generic Hip Hop Videos Majority of the hip hop videos out there this day and age encompass a few of the same things. The most prominent being: the party lifestyle, numerous hip artists use their hip hop videos to show an extension of the “lavish” life they live. All the women, sex, drugs, alcohol, and huge parties the surround themselves with. Another huge component many generic hip hop videos show these days is the streets most rappers supposedly came from. They exploit the streets that made them for more gain.

Real Hip hop videos:

Real Hip hop videos Undeniably some of the realest hip hop videos came from the early to late 90’s when hip hop’s gangster rappers were at the height of their game. 2pac’s hip hop videos for “Hit ‘Em Up” and “Hail Mary” being a couple of them. “Juicy” and “Suicidal Thoughts” by Notorious B.I.G. also cling to the category of real hip hop videos.

Politically driven Hip Hop Videos:

Politically driven Hip Hop Videos Unlike some of the generic music videos of gangsters hustlin ’ and throwing mad parties with girls, a select few artists create hip hop videos that have a great sense of cultural appreciation. These hip hop videos strive to use their sphere of influence to promote causes or get the masses informed on certain problems. Run the Jewels did exactly that with their hip hop video for “Close Your Eyes”

Great Hip Hop Video Directors:

Great Hip Hop Video Directors Some of the best hip hop video directors are finally starting to get the acclaim they deserve with new categories of awards for them. Some of the best in the hip hop video game Hype Williams Benny Boom Chris Robinson Director X Dre Films

Worst Hip Hop Videos:

Worst Hip Hop Videos Hip hop videos don’t always turn out great, here’s a few that turned out awful. Mc Hammer’s “Too Legit 2 Quit” Kanye West’s “Bound 2” Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” Just to name a few poor hip hop videos

Top Hip Hop Music Videos:

Top Hip Hop Music Videos But, the best hip hop videos make up for the other not as good (putting it nicely) hip hop videos. Some of the top hip hop videos are: Outkast : “B.O.B.” A Tribe Called Quest: “Scenario” NWA: “Straight Outta Compton” Kanye West: “All Of The Lights” Beastie Boys: “Sabotage”

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