How to Write a Case Study to Get Success

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According to Affordable Dissertation UK (, there are many types of case studies. From different subjects and class levels, it varies. Here we will discuss how to write a case study.


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How to Write a Case Study to Get Success:

How to Write a Case Study to Get Success

Introduction of Case Study:

Introduction of Case Study There are many types of case studies. From different subjects and class levels, it varies. However, common 4 types of case studies are given below Illustrative (descriptive of events) Exploratory ( investigative) Cumulative (collective information comparisons) Critical (examine particular subject with cause and effect outcomes) 2

Getting Started to Write Case Study:

Getting Started to Write Case Study 3 Here you have to determine which case study style or design you actually need for your audience. After determining your audience, you need to select a topic for your case study. You need to remember that, you should select only that topic that is in accordance to your case study requirements. After that, find out what other people have written on same topic that you have selected to work on.

Preparing for Interviews:

Preparing for Interviews Before interview, you must need to select participants that can fulfill the requirements of interview. After selection of audiences, you need to determine questions that you need to ask from your audiences. Your questions must be based on your desired results that you want to achieve. After that, select a method by which you need to ask questions from your audiences. Normal ways are face to face or making surveys on internet. 4

Obtain Your Data/Results:

Obtain Your Data/Results In this step, you need to start conducting interviews to get your desired statistics. You must need to use proper tools so that you may get all data in proper form or shape. Organize all of the results properly and then make necessary arrangements to know what people think about questions or problems that you asked. On this stage, you must formulate your problems into one or two sentences. 5

Writing Your Case Study:

Writing Your Case Study After you get data, you need to start writing your case study using data that you collected through questions, interviews and analysis. You must need to include at least four sections in your case study i.e Introduction, Background Information, Presentation of Collected Data and Your Conclusion or Analysis. Add references in the end and proofread it for addition and correction of data if any mistake exists there. 6

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