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The Kingdom Game Online : 

The Kingdom Game Online Do you have questions regarding the Kingdom online game? How does the Kingdom online game look? How to play the Kingdom online game? Is it interesting?... Here are the answers to these questions and more…


Go to our website to register a new player, it’s FREE! Use your username and password to login Let’s go


Welcome to The Kingdom online For single player plays against computer For Players using the same computer. Want to be Christlike? Play against other players on Internet, win for faith point! Game control settings, video and sound settings here Help


Your Cards Status Jesus cards: 0 Miracle cards: 0 Bonus cards: 0 Repent cards: 0 1 2 Single Player


Your Cards Status Jesus cards: 1 Miracle cards: 2 Bonus cards: 2 Repent cards: 1 Jesus Card Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. St. Matt. 5:7 Single Player Jesus cards: 2


Game Settings How many players do you want to start? Start Quit 1 2 Local Multiplayer Add computer player? 3


Start Quit Current Player: Mr. Ernest Cards Status: Jesus cards: 1 Miracle cards: 2 Bonus cards: 3 Repent cards: 1 Local Multiplayer (BONUS) Joy Forward 3 or backward 2 If you land in this square with this card, you receive a JESUS card. Jesus Card Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. St. Matt. 5:6 Jesus cards: 2


Internet Game List Join 1 Internet multiplayer Create Quit Name Speed NPG NPG2 Players 3/6 6/6(full) 2 Password Yes No a


Chat History Start Quit Your Cards Status Jesus cards: 2 Miracle cards: 3 Bonus cards: 1 Repent cards: 0 ok Your total faith point: 325(Christian) Internet multiplayer


New Game Setup OK Quit 2 Internet Multiplayer Using password 3 Max number of Players Host Name: 4 1


Game Settings Video Settings Sound Settings


Rules    The order in which players choose from the deck is based on the age of the participants.  The youngest player draws first and all others draw according to their age. A.  Each player, after choosing a card from the deck, must follow the directions printed on the card.  The player must move clockwise on the block marked 'Start'.  You cannot move backwards from the start position.  If a player lands on a space occupied by another player, the player occupying the block moves back the number of spaces equal to the player’s turn in the game.  EXAMPLE: The youngest player draws a Forward 3, and the second player draws and lands on the same space as the first player (youngest player); the first player moves back one space because he/she had the first (1st) turn in the game. When a player lands on a penalty block, that player must forfeit a MIRACLE or REPENT card, or go to the 'Longsuffering' block.  If the player the goes to the 'Longsuffering' block, he/she must sacrifice their turn to draw from the deck twice.  After the second draw of cards, the player must go to the 'Day of the Lord' block.  The player draws from the deck when it becomes their turn again. 


NOTE:  The MIRACLE and REPENT cards are combined with the KINGDOM move cards.  When a player draws a MIRACLE or REPENT card from the deck, the player holds the card and does not move from the block occupied. When a player passes or lands on the Jesus block, or lands on a BONUS block and posses the matching BONUS cards, that player receives a JESUS card. D.  When a player lands on the Death block, the player must forfeit one JESUS card or go to the Hell block.  To land in the Hell block eliminates the player from the game. When a player lands on the Murder block, the player must forfeit two MIRACLE cards, one JESUS card, or go to the Longsuffering block.


The instructions printed on each card must be obeyed. A player cannot move into the Kingdom if the card chosen exceeds the number of spaces needed to enter the Kingdom. In this case, the player must remain on the block occupied until a card is chosen which allows the player to move closer to, or into the Kingdom. In order to enter the Kingdom, a player must possess one JESUS card. The first player to enter the Kingdom receives a crown. The game continues until all players have entered the Kingdom. Each card pulled (except the JESUS, MIRACLE and REPENT cards) is placed into a discard piled to be used again when the deck is depleted. We recommended that a Bible is kept handy to look up the meanings of the Penalties and Bonuses.


For Internet Multiplayer Class System:


The online version of the Kingdom, the 'Family Oriented' bible learning game will give you new experience of learning the bible, tell you the meanings of the Penalties and Bonuses more veritably, coming back soon, you will be excited!

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