Alderfers ERG Theory of Motivation


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Clayton Alderfer's ERG Theory of Motivation, an expansion to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Read More at: Blog:


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Alderfer’s ERG Theory:

Alderfer’s ERG Theory A Motivational Theory

Alderfer’s ERG Theory:

Alderfer’s ERG Theory Existence Needs Relatedness Needs Growth Needs

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Expansion:

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Expansion


Overview The ERG Theory of Motivation was developed by Clayton Alderfer in 1969. It was developed as an expansion of the ideas proposed by Maslow with the Hierarchy of Needs.

Existence Needs::

Existence Needs: The basic needs to meet the minimum level of existence

Relatedness Needs::

Relatedness Needs: Social and family needs, the need to feel loved and belong somewhere

Growth Needs::

Growth Needs: The need to produce something useful; to be creative or engage in meaningful tasks

Alderfer’s ERG Theory:

Alderfer’s ERG Theory Joshua Render Sources Alderfer, C. P. (1989). Theories Reflecting My Personal Experience and Life Development.  The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science ,  25 (4), 351–365. Caulton , J.R. (2012) The Development and Use of the Theory of ERG. Retrieved from: