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Dr Sarfaraz Ahmed is a Specialist in Internal Medicine, Parco Health Care Center in Doha, Qatar. Dr Sarfaraz Cares blog is started to provide valuable suggestions to avoid from lifestyle illness. Follow my blog to know more about lifestyle diseases and how to overcome from this illness. follow this link


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GASTRITIS CAUSES, DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT (PEPTIC ULCER, ACID PEPTIC DISEASE, GAS PROBLEMS) Home ( Gastritis Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment (Peptic Ulcer, Acid Peptic Disease, Gas Problems) Hydrochloric acid, or more commonly known as HCL, is a strong acid with pH of 1.5-3.5 secreted in the stomach. It is produced by the gastric cells to help digest the food we eat. Due to strong acidic pH, HCL can damage the lining of your stomach – that is prevented by a thick layer of mucous membrane that covers the internal stomach wall. However, there are some diseases and stomach conditions that causes the depletion of this protective layer. One of the common and troublesome conditions is the stomach ulcers (that develop inside the stomach), and duodenal ulcers (that develop inside the duodenum (small intestine). Stomach and peptic ulcers are common in Asians – particularly in those who work in the gulf countries. What are common symptoms people have if they have gas problems? Source : Burning pain in stomach Heartburn/ food regurgitation in the esophagus Fatty food intolerance Bloating or belching Acid taste in the mouth Feeling of fullness Nausea (feeling of vomiting) Burning stomach pain and heartburn are the most common symptoms experienced by people with peptic ulcers. The aggravating factors include empty stomach, increased production of stomach acid and intake of certain foods and medicines. The pain usually gets worse between meals and at night. Studies and clinical trials have shown that pain can be relieved by consuming foods and beverages that buffer stomach acid, exercise, and taking ant-acid medicines. Who are more prone to get this GAS PROBLEM? Source : (

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There are certain group of people who are more prone to stomach problems due to environmental factors and their lifestyle. These may include; People who eat spicy foods and consumes excess alcohol People with poor eating habits like irregular taking of food People taking aspirin or other pain killers for a long time Infection of stomach caused by H-Pylori can cause peptic ulcers and gas problems People who are overweight or obese How can it be managed? Source : Managing gas problems is simple. Earlier stages of most stomach conditions can be managed by modifying your lifestyle and changing the way you eat. Your body has a wonderful mechanism to reduce the production of stomach acid and heal the ulcer spontaneously – however, it does demand a little help from you by changing your lifestyle. Consuming less spicy foods, eating stomach-friendly foods such as bananas and potatoes, avoiding binge drinking, and regular exercise will help in the long term to prevent stomach problems like peptic ulcers from occurring. Source : Lifestyle Advice Source : The burning stomach pain of the stomach ulcers can be relieved with following these lifestyle home remedies ( Choose a healthy diet and eat it after regular intervals Limit alcohol consumption Get enough sleep (at least 7-8 hours a day) Give up smoking Avoid taking unnecessary medicines – especially aspirin and NSAIDs Control stress levels When to see a physician immediately?

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Categories Blog ( If you feel that stomach pain is not relieving even after taking precautionary measures and modification of lifestyle – it’s time to consult a doctor for professional advice. Some warning signs and symptoms that indicate an immediate medical consult include; Intense burning pain in the stomach Blood in stools or black, tarry stools Appetite changes Vomiting – which may appear red or black Feeling faint Unexplained weight loss WRITTEN BY DR SARFARAZ AHMED I am Dr Sarfaraz Ahmed ( , Specialist Internal Medicine, Parco Health Care Center, Doha, Qatar. I have initiated this blog as a way of my contribution to make the world free of lifestyle diseases. Each one of the article in this blog will be handling with the cause, effect on our daily life and solution to the common health problems encounter in our life.

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