Philosophy of ABMS Switzerland

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Students undertake paid work in banks, companies, hotel management and reception during their training, where they gain insight into the reality of everyday working life.


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Philosophy of ABMS Switzerland


Across the globe, Switzerland is associated with hospitality, precision, cleanliness and good service. ABMS represents Swiss quality at fair prices. Anyone studying with us not only gains a certificate that is backed up by the most important quality labels in the business industry, but they also leave with skills and attributes that are appreciated all over the world and which are very much in demand.


However , theory alone is insufficient unless skills are practiced until they become second nature. We therefore place great importance upon practical aspects. We offer you part time study to give you the possibility to work and gain more work experience. Up to now our students have always succeeded in finding a place during their study or before graduating.


Students undertake paid work in banks, companies, hotel management and reception during their training, where they gain insight into the reality of everyday working life.


They are prepared meticulously for this challenge. German is therefore firmly integrated into the teaching programs. As an option we also offer the French and Spanish languages sometimes. Besides this, we instruct our students about how to conduct themselves during interviews and help them to compile their job application documents …


In the everyday life of the school, they are being trained naturally into the characteristics required for the world of work. We are certain it is only possible for students to learn effectively in an environment where they feel comfortable.


We therefore foster a friendly atmosphere and personal support. We behave in a tolerant and respectful manner and expect this in turn from our students. We ensure that nobody in our care is discriminated against on the grounds of race, skin colour , religion, origins, gender or age .


However , it is not only among the students that open, online intercultural exchanges take place. During their study, there are various opportunities to come into contact with local students. It is therefore not long before students begin to feel our online university is 2nd home .


At the same time, students as well as their families can be confident that we ourselves are fulfilling the qualities we are putting across . We endeavor to serve as an example for our students, in that we are always prepared to subject our services to critical appraisal and to make improvements.

Our Mission:

The mission of Academy of Business Management (ABMS) is to provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing integrity in their lives, professions, and communities . Our Mission


We adhere to the highest standards of academic excellence, faculty and staff foster a learning community where students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to enhance their lives and advance their careers.

Our Vision:

ABMS will be the university of choice for adult learners and will be recognized as a leader in academic excellence, affordability, and career advancement. We are at the point where higher education and technology converge . Our Vision

Our Promise:

ABMS is built on the foundations of academic excellence and compassionate commitment to your personal growth, professional development, and academic success. We are committed to your growth and goal to achive the career of your dreams. Our values are as follows : Our Promise

Communicate and Collaborate:

ABMS responds within 72 hours to your requests and questions. ABMS ensures you get the answers you need. ABMS includes others in decision-making. ABMS seek counsel and accepts input and ideas from others . Communicate and Collaborate

Own It:

ABMS take responsibility and honor its commitments. ABMS redefines mistakes and learns from them. ABMS delivers on its commitments. ABMS accepts its accountability to help get you results . Own It

Motivate Students:

ABMS puts the student first. ABMS advocates for students. ABMS is passionate about student success. ABMS helps students accomplish their goals. Motivate Students

Measure Results:

ABMS defines outcomes for success. ABMS uses data to make better decisions. ABMS learns from failure. ABMS celebrates our accomplishments . Measure Results

Inspire Excellence:

ABMS focuses on self-improvement. ABMS doesn't settle for mediocrity. ABMS gives 100% to students and colleagues. ABMS leads by example . Inspire Excellence

Trust and Respect:

ABMS treats all students and colleagues fairly. ABMS trusts and supports its vision. ABMS identifies issues and works with students to overcome them. ABMS shows appreciation for others' contributions. Trust and Respect


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