10 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses


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Here are Adhere Training's top 10 marketing tips for small businesses.


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10 Small Business Marketing Tips:

10 Small Business Marketing Tips What you should be doing with your marketing! AdhereTraining.co.uk 0844 846 3866

1. Know Your Customer:

1. Know Your Customer The more you really know and understand your customers, the better you can present your products and services to meet the demand. If you understand your customer, you can speak to them. AdhereTraining.co.uk

2. Know Your Product:

2. Know Your Product Look at your products and services with a fresh eye. Don’t get caught up in what you are selling without understanding the changing market trends. Do your customers want what you offer? Will they continue to want what you offer? How can you improve what you offer? AdhereTraining.co.uk

3. Know Your Message:

3. Know Your Message Make sure that you fully understand what you are trying to tell your target market. If you are are listing features of your product or service, make sure that you combine these with the benefits that they will have for the customer or client. AdhereTraining.co.uk

4. Consistency:

4. Consistency This is the key to effective marketing, as well as branding. Everything you do, every message you send, and every phone call you make must be consistent with brand image and identity. An identity is part of a message, so make sure that you are instantly recognisable . AdhereTraining.co.uk

5. Segmentation:

5. Segmentation Your customers are very specific, and they are all individuals with certain interests and attitudes! Even if you are appealing to a mass market, there will be differences in potential targets. Make sure you understand the differences among your customers and clients. AdhereTraining.co.uk

6. Multiple Marketing Channels:

6. Multiple Marketing Channels Use a number of different marketing channels to portray your message to your audience, including: Word of Mouth Social Media Old School Methods (Print / Advertising) Blog articles Directories AdhereTraining.co.uk

7. Consistency!!!:

7. Consistency!!! This time, we are talking about consistency of effort! Keep plugging away, never stop your marketing, no matter how safe you consider your client base to be. Also, never “Blitz” your marketing in one fell swoop, as nobody wants to receive 3 marketing emails in a week. Balance your efforts in a measured way. AdhereTraining.co.uk

8. Test New Ideas:

8. Test New Ideas Be innovative with your products and the marketing of your products. Try things that aren’t being tried by others. Make sure that your campaigns aren’t stale. Develop new products and services. AdhereTraining.co.uk

9. Measurements:

9. Measurements Measure, measure, measure! Measure what works with your marketing campaigns. Data is essential for this, and keeping track of campaigns through effective CRM can let you know what to continue and what to drop. There will always be trial and error, so make sure you can know what your errors are! AdhereTraining.co.uk

10. Don’t Ignore Existing Clients!:

10. Don’t Ignore Existing Clients! Although many businesses are focused on growing their client base, you mustn’t forget the importance of existing clients. Providing a great service will keep them interested in your business, so there is much more chance of an up-sell if you have other brilliant things to offer. AdhereTraining.co.uk

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