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Online rummy is one of the best games that can be played in the comfort of your office or at home. More so searing heat in April prevents you from going out too often. This time around most people are opting to stay indoors to avoid being mobbed and harassed by followers of politicians of various parties for votes in the Lok Sabha elections. Even otherwise April is an amazing month as marriage season kicks off and it is an occasion for social gathering. In India rummy and other card games have been a tradition for ages. Now people do not carry a deck of cards as they have with them smart phones which are loaded with app for playing rummy online.

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You can form groups online As always adda52 rummy has kept interests of its visitors in mind. Its App and website have options for players to form groups of known people and play among themselves. For such occasions the technology also comes in handy and people can form their own groups and enjoy playing the game.

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Advantages of Playing Rummy Instead of physical cards they have smart phones and the game has got faster. But the end result—the kick and thrill remain the same as everyone wants to be a winner and take home the stake money. The advantages of playing rummy online are manifold—your brain works fast to stay in the competition you beat stress you overcome worries you kill boredom you get kick and the most- important factor is you become richer with small investment in 100 per cent legal manner.

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Rummy is not gambling Online rummy is not gambling and Supreme Court has ruled it that way. Also the real cash won is legal and adda52 rummy follows rules of the land to the last word. Every penny is accounted for and even tax authorities will dare not touch you for the handsome money you have won in online rummy. Adda52 rummy offers 13 Card Rummy 13 card marriage 21 card game and 201 Pool Rummy on its platforms. It was adda52rummy that started 13-card marriage rummy and it is the only card game website offering this game.

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Whooping Rs 50 lakh on offer This month is Awesome April on adda52 rummy and money is literally pouring with nearly Rs 5000000 on offer. Besides regular tournaments to keep players busy four mega tournaments– Lakhpathi Leaderboard and two Rs 5 Lakhs each tournaments—have been drawing players in droves.

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Mastering rummy As it is a tradition you find very few people not playing Rummy in India. “Learning rummy is not a rocket science. But mastering it and competing in tournaments call for regular practice. You can always improve your skills through free games and you are not at the risk of losing money because of lack of skills” Narendra a small scale industry owner told Harish an ancillary unit owner. Harish was wondering whether it is difficult to play Rummy. It is popular because it is easy to learn and playable by any number of players. Narendra a regular on adda52 rummy said for online rummy you need to have an account and it can be easily opened after giving necessary credentials. What are you waiting for Play rummy and grab your chance of winning Rs 50 Lacs in Aweosme April offered at Adda52 Rummy

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