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Negotiating is a technique. It is an art for the skilled and experienced – Litigation Lawyers in Sydney A few weeks back we shared our pick for Top 10 Negotiation Techniques. For those who missed it let us break it down for you: 1. Research and prepare facts 2. Negotiate with the person who has the authority to do something 3. Be neutral 4. Focus on the positive 5. Listen carefully and be attentive 6. Stay calm cool and collected 7. If you have to take time out take it and come back 8. Focus on your objectives and the needs of the other party 9. Consider alternatives 10. Mutually agree on a solution to the problem.

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Although these tips can lead to the upper hand in a negotiation this may not always be as easy for businesses especially in the competitive Australian market and economy. As commercial litigation lawyers Sydney we often engage in negotiations for commercial properties leasing purchasing contracts and any other negotiable arrangements. One of the most common instances we must use these tactics in is when it comes to leasing property for new businesses. In a lease the following terms and conditions are always included and always negotiable:  Duration of lease  Lease renewal options  Competition of tenancy  Conditions concerning fixtures and fit outs repairs and maintenance  Contract breaches  Lease termination And last but certainly not least:  Costs

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