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Presented By: Muhammad Abrar 2011-EE-328 COURAGE

What is courage?:

Being brave enough to do what you should do even when you are afraid. You should have the courage to be great. HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.) What is courage?

(Muhammad Ali Jinnah) :

(Muhammad Ali Jinnah) (Tariq Bin Ziyad) Tipu Sultan (Sher-e-maysor)

Who has courage?:

Anyone can have courage. Some people show courage at work. Who has courage ?

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Some people show courage even when they are having fun.

Courage is…:

Courage is more than being brave or not being afraid of snakes or heights. It is also about being able to face uncomfortable situations. Challenging yourself to try something new . To have courage is to be brave. Courage is…

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Make it habit to live Courageously each day, Every day!!!

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