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What Is A Cable Hole Tidy? Cable tidy’s, or desk tidy’s as they may also be known, is the name of a product to cover a hole in the desk that has the purpose of allowing cables to be neatly threaded through. The aim of these pieces of office equipment is to keep things such as telephone cables and computer equipment leads in an organised fashion. 


The Uses For Cable Management Whether it being you need a desk cable hole for office environment or for the home the new desk tidy’s we supply at Moderix will fit the bill. The reasoning for using cable management is simple, for keeping any wires or cables from different pieces of hardware tidy and completely manageable . Not only will a desk grommet ensure that your cable management is organised it will also assist you when it comes to anything from replacement, movement and also the maintenance of your equipment. Continue …...


Within office furniture cable management usually has the job of covering cables from things such as your mouse, speakers or keyboard and following them all the way underneath to the PC tower and also connecting things such as your phone to the port in the wall . With most new modern office furniture it is not unusual for there to be a cable hole tidy in the corner of the desk – often behind the place a monitor will go. The reason behind this being the cables will then be easily directed to a table leg which the leads and cables will then be threaded down .


Colour And Finish These cable hole tidy’s have a high end brushed aluminium finish to offer an executive finish to any office desk colour or finish . The cable hole tidy’s are made from high end aluminium to offer not only a durable, but also strong, finish to your desking system .


If you are looking for a stylish yet cheaper option for cable management then our new range of cable tidy’s will  be perfect. With different shapes and sizes available here at Moderix we will definitely have something suitable for you . Desk Grommet’s


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