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Before you give your car to an expert in car transports Canada for transporting it to your new place, you have to prepare it for the transportation.Here are three tips to prepare your car for transportation.


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Dust and dirt hide scratches dings and dents. So before you give your car to the car transportation company wash it properly to inspect it thoroughly and see if it has dings scratches or dents. It will be better to make a video of the car after you wash it. If your car is damaged on the way during the shipping you can show the video to the transportation company and ask for compensation. Wash Your Car

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If your car leaks the shipping company may refuse to transport your car. Therefore call a mechanic to get the undercarriage of your car inspected for any leaks and if there is any leak then get it repaired. Check Your Car for Leaks

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Both under-inflated and over-inflated tires can be riskier. If they are not properly inflated they can get damaged during loading and unloading. Ensure the tire pressure is right. Check Tire Pressure

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