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The 2007 ING NYC Marathon: A Photographic Essay: 

The 2007 ING NYC Marathon: A Photographic Essay By: Chris Solarz November 4, 2007 [email protected]


My 26.2 mile ING NYC Marathon journey started in Staten Island with 39,805 of my friends, but here I am with five of my closest.


The marathon starts uphill across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from Staten Island to Brooklyn, but with all the adrenaline and excitement you hardly notice the climb.


I hope he wasn't also Spiderman for Halloween, because that would be gauche.


This crazy German guy knows that beer is packed with carbohydrates and that he needs a belly full of carbohydrates to finish the marathon.


Thank you! I had my hair done this morning.


This guy ran with a blue chicken on his head, and that's basically normal within the context of the ING NYC Marathon.


Runners from all over the world descended upon NYC this weekend, and many of them proudly wore their country's flag during their run.


Patriotic spectators got into the action as well. (How passionate is the French man on the bottom left?!)


Even more patriotic spectators from Japan, Catalonia, Spain, and Nepal.


The crazy Dutch fans in Brooklyn made me feel right at home. They went nuts when they saw my orange ING shirt, and I think they thought I was a fellow countryman.


Support throughout the course comes in various forms. Sometimes motivational, sometimes not so motivational, but written on an old pizza box.


New York's Bravest were out and about in Brooklyn giving free high fives.


Coincidentally, this guy just happen to be handing out Twizzlers exactly when I wanted to eat some Twizzlers. Who said you shouldn't take candy from a stranger?


Thanks, I'll pass on the message...


Sorry honey, I'm taken, but apparently there are some cute boys at the end!


2 million fans of all ages lent support along the course, while 315 million TV viewers tuned in around the world.


The ladies came out in hoards after the massive success of my ING Miami, Georgia, and Denver Marathon slideshows earlier this year.


Here's a view from the Queensboro Bridge, which spans from Queens into Manhattan. Most runners agree that turning the corner onto 1st Avenue is the most exhilarating part of the entire course, as you are greeted by thousands and thousands of fanatical spectators.


Fans like this kept us going the whole way. This is my favorite picture of the day - look at the little guy's passion on the bottom right!


Running up 1st Avenue, I met some fellow ING employees running their first marathon. I snapped their picture, wished them luck, and continued on my merry way.


The 26.2 mile course winds through all five of New York City's boroughs, the last of which is the Bronx.


This crazy hula-hooper in the Bronx was jammin' to some techno.


Consider it kicked.


John F. Kennedy, Billy Joel, Babe Ruth, Stanley Kubrick, Edgar Allen Poe, and of course Jennifer Lopez all hail from da Bronx.


His mom and dad must be at least 90 years old!


These London Bobbies were in great spirits even after four hours of running.


After crossing the finish line, 38,676 runners (a new world record for marathon finishers!) were greeted with a medal and silver "heatsheet" blankets to keep us warm. See you in Central Park next year! THE END.

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