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Transfer my learning style attitude I learned to be flexible with the teaching style :

Transfer my learning style attitude I learned to be flexible with the teaching style By: Samnang Nuon

First day of school :

First day of school When I woke, up I felt so nice because it was the first day of school. I took a shower and I wore my new uniform that my mother bought for me. I couldn’t wait to go to school! I also felt very nervous because I had never gone to school before. My brother and my mom looked at me. “I know you can do it and I think you will be okay because you have many friends who will go to school with you,” my mom said.

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About five minutes later I took my brand new bag and I put my new books in it. I truly liked my new bag and the new books that my parents had bought for me. They worked really hard to buy this bag and these books for me. My whole family was very happy for me. They saw me smiling and they could see that I wanted to go school. When I was a kid I told my parents “I will study hard to help you to have a better life.” That was my big goal.

In Takeo government school:

In Takeo government school When I got to school I said goodbye to my father. When I saw my school it was so nice and it made me feel very happy. When I looked around I saw a lot rubbish on the ground but my school had two big beautiful gardens. “Welcome to our class!” Mrs. Soun said. All of my friends were friendly to me and welcomed me. My classroom was very clean and tidy but the tables were not so nice because some of the students in my classroom had drawn on them and left a lot of rubbish on them.

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In the classroom I always raised my hand and I understood many things that the teacher taught. I felt very happy when I understood the lesson because when I did the test I could do it easily. It was also very fun because I had nice new friends to play with in class like Piseth, Dara, Nisa and many more. They always played with me and always helped me understand the homework. The sound “tringgg tringgg tringgg” came loudly from the gardens. “Teacher what is that sound?” I asked. “It shows that it is time for break,” she said. I had a lot of fun during the break. I played games like football and jump rope and then I got tired. I went to my class to get money to buy some snack to eat. Ice-cream was my favorite snack at school and I bought it all the time. “Farwell teacher! see you tomorrow,” I said.

Grow bigger and had more experience :

Grow bigger and had more experience I got bigger and bigger and my knowledge increased. Now I was in grade 4 and I had already been the leader in my class for four years. This means that I had special responsibilities, like making the schedule and cleaning the class for the teacher. I was also in charge of all the material in the classroom. I could be the leader for four years because I worked hard at school, helped other friends in the class, helped the teacher and did all kinds of things that the teacher told me to do.

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When I learned in my government school I always tried to listen hard because I wanted to help my family. Everyday I was in the class I always thought that my school would give the students an opportunity to study outside of the school and go to learn around Cambodia or other countries. I thought that the more that I read books and watched the education channel, the more knowledge I would have about society.

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Then one day I noticed that the government school needed to work on their education. I thought the teachers didn’t have very much experience teaching the students but I didn’t know what school was the best school for me to learn in. Also, I noticed that I felt a little bit disappointed in my family because my parents put me too close. This means they gave me a lot of responsibility, and when I wanted something really badly I never got it. I thought I was not independent and I was not learning to be a leader. That was why I got upset.

Take the test to come to Liger:

Take the test to come to Liger “This morning is a very important morning because we have one NGO that has come to gave a test,” my teacher said. Then I asked “What is the test about teacher?” “I don’t know,” she said. Afterward there was one van that came to my school. Then people from the NGO started to collect the students that were good. I was one of the students to take the test.

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When I did the test I felt so nervous because I never done a big test before. All my friends said to me “You can do it Samnang!” The tests were math, khmer and leadership games. The test was in my school library. I tried my best to did it and I thought that it was my opportunity to help my family. Finally I got the results​​​ and I passed the tests! At this time my heart was gleeful because I thought Liger school would be an awesome school for me.

Tell the story about the tests to my parents:

Tell the story about the tests to my parents The first time that I went to my family I said "Mom! Today I am very happy because I passed the test to learn in Phnom Penh!" my whole family and my grandmother were very cheerful. “Samnang, you are very good. You have helped our family because I don’t need to spend money for you from now on,” my father said with a happy face. I was very proud of myself because I did not know that I could do it. I told myself, “You need to try more to get success”.

In Liger Learning Center :

In Liger Learning Center

First day in Liger:

First day in Liger “Samnang, wake up, we are going to Liger school,” my dad said. When I was in the bus I felt very nervous. After a two-hour drive I woke up. Then we arrived at the Liger Learning Center. The first thing that I noticed was the nature around the road to Liger. I saw many trees along both sides of the road. In front of the school, which has the teacher apartments and the King seven statue to welcome us, was so nice.

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The student house had a big comfy bed, a friendly house mom, a clean bathroom and many thing that I had never seen before, like the bunk bed, closet and a big sofa. The school was big and had very special material for me to use, like computers, air conditioners, cameras and so on. A few days later I started to cry when I slept because I missed my family so much. However, I thought “I want to help them so I need to stop crying.”

Learning in Liger Learning Center :

I love to live in the Liger Learning Center because Liger has brought me where I am today. I have learned so much in Liger about society around me. I have learned more than I did at my government school because at Liger teachers teach differently from the teachers at my local school. More than that, Liger has provided me with many things, so my parents do not need to worry about me. Learning in Liger Learning Center

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The special things about the Liger Learning Center is that it has a nice core curriculum, such as the explorations, advanced enrichments, inspirations and so on. Explorations are very good for me because explorations helped me to change my attitude. In explorations I learned about my myself. The core of the exploration is the trip. The trips have helped me change and have taught me how to be flexible.

Learning to be flexible:

Learning to be flexible In my second year at Liger I had an exploration, called Tropical Forest Ecology, that really impacted me. In this exploration I got to go on two trips. I went to two provinces, Preah Vihear and Koh Kong. When I went to Koh Kong and Preah Vihear it gave me a lot of knowledge about the forest in Cambodia. More than that I got many experiences that made me different.

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In my life I had never walked in the forest before, but when I learned in ecology class I could walk in the forest for 13 kilometers. Sometimes on the trip me and my group didn't have enough water to drink, no bathroom, no fan and we needed to carry a heavy bags. However, there was no solution for that and I needed to be flexible to do something in order to succeed in my learning. One day when I was in Phear Vihear we wanted to see the giant ibis but we went too late to the giant ibis habitat . Then the next day we went again but we still couldn’t see it. So I had to be flexible.

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These trips changed my behavior in many way. I alway helped people such as helping with the friends, community with the people around me, work harder and taking more initiative. When I learned in Life on Cambodia Border exploration I went to Poipet. I carried lots stuff, cleaned up the place where my group ate and made the video. All of these activities that I did, no one told me to do its.

Conference with Jojo:

Conference with Jojo At the end of the tropical forest ecology exploration I had a conference with my teacher Jojo. She told me that I am a good leader and that I represent other students in my group. She also told me that the first time I came to Liger I was a student that didn’t want to lose. That means that when I lost to someone I felt upset. I also noticed that what she thought was right. “Now you are different because you feel calm, even when you are not the best at something,” Jojo said.

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When I was in government school I was a student that competed with other students all the time because I wanted to get the best score in my class. Also when I tried my best I thought that I could help my family in the future. When I was in government school I did not feel so confident because I did not have the experience to share information that I learned with other students. Now, after learning at Liger for 2 years, I have changed myself a lot. I have more confidence with sharing information. I am also more relaxed. My goal is not to be “the best” but to try my best.

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