Tasmanian Devil

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The Tasmanian Devil : 

The Tasmanian Devil By: Alondra Perez Class: 623

Description : 

Description The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial. A marsupial is an animal that has babies in a pouch. It can grow as long as three to four feet long (including the tail). The Tasmanian devil is sometimes all black, and some have white on their chest and on the tip of their tails. The Tasmanian devil has really powerful jaws that can crush bones and break anything.

Were They live! : 

Were They live! The Tasmanian devil use to live on the coast of Australia, they are now extinct there because of the dingo. Today they still live on the island of Tasmania. Tasmania is an island by Australia. Their habitat is in the eucalypt forests, woodlands, and farmlands in Tasmania. They like to sleep in logs or in anything they can hide in.

Pouch Time! : 

Pouch Time! The female Tasmanian devil gives birth after three weeks to 20-30 babies. Only four babies can survive, since the mother only has four nipples. The female has a second birth when all of her young are out of her pouch. It takes fifteen weeks for the young to develop in the pouch.

Asleep? Or in Torpor? : 

Asleep? Or in Torpor? If you don’t find them asleep, then they are in a state called torpor. Torpor is a way that devils conserve energy, by their temperature dropping from 100 degrees to 88 degrees.

Meat!!! : 

Meat!!! All of the Tasmanian devils eat meat. They eat any type of meat even carrion. That is why they are called Sarcophilus Harrisii, which means “Meat lover”.

Endangered : 

Endangered The Tasmanian devil is endangered of being extinct. It used to live all over Australia, but the Dingo was the reason for its decline there. They both ate the same food source. They were also killed by settlers because they killed their livestock. Now there is a new reason that the number of devils are on a decline. There is a tumor called the Devil Facial tumor (DFT). It is really bad for them because more than fifty Tasmanian devils die each year form it. Scientists say that if they don’t find a cure for the tumor, this species may die out in the next twenty years. This tumor is found in more than fifty percent of the devils’. When they get this sickness they can’t eat because the tumor reaches the mouth. It swells the mouth up, and they starve to death. Humans are the devils’ main predator/enemy.