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Student 8: Ambition:

Student 8: Ambition Goal: Drive community-engagement and utilize in helping individuals find Section 8 (subsidized) housing in NYC. Do so in a manner that requires limited funding and is beneficial to all involved parties.

About the Market:

About the Market Roughly 2,500+ clients each year could utilize this service Takes 3-6 months for individuals to find apartments, often times longer


Competition City provides referral service, but no program akin to this “Proposed program would fill a gap”

Involved Parties:

Involved Parties Student 8: Ambition NYCHA Other organizations providing resources: funding, information, advice College students NYC Colleges: Public & Private New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) NYC Real Estate Firms Section 8 voucher holders


Model College students take classes and exams, working towards NYC Real Estate Salesperson licensure Participating firms sponsor the students Students intern/volunteer through these firms working exclusively for Section 8 clients

Value to Students:

Value to Students Get licensed at subsidized/free cost Gain experience in fast-paced real estate environment Ability to build relationship with sponsoring brokers Access to superior volunteer experience

Value to Colleges:

Value to Colleges Offer superior volunteer experience for their students Actively engage in serving the community in which they/their students reside, a hallmark of many NYC college missions Students gain potentially profitable licensure, skills, training, and education

Value to NYC Real Estate Schools:

Value to NYC Real Estate Schools Positive public relations Potential tax benefits Access to steady influx of individuals to educate

Value to Real Estate Firms:

Value to Real Estate Firms Access to pro-bono work Potential tax benefits Risk-free manner to test new real estate salespeople, give them experience, and build relationships with them Positive public relations

Value to Section 8 Voucher Holders:

Value to Section 8 Voucher Holders Access to brokers who will work hard for them, for free Program provides them with improved living conditions Also educates them about use of more social services

Value to NYC (& NYCHA):

Value to NYC (& NYCHA) Community engagement and involvement in social services More efficient use of Section 8 housing, for a very limited cost

Student 8: Ambition Roles & Responsibilities:

Student 8: Ambition Roles & Responsibilities Oversee entire program and all moving parts Build relationships with colleges, real estate schools, real estate firms, NYCHA, and Section 8 voucher holders Liaison between different parties Secure necessary resources and funding

Funding Needs for Student 8: Ambition:

Funding Needs for Student 8: Ambition Real estate classes, offered at subsidized cost Real estate exam fees Salary for employees

Potential Funding Sources:

Potential Funding Sources Public and private grants Grant Contests NYCHA NYC funding PEPSI REFRESH!


Summary Goal: serve Section 8 clients Goal: drive community engagement-positive externalities Goal: ensure that all involved parties benefit from arrangement Goal: limited funding and resources required

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