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Non-Surgical Sterilization“Priorities and Challenges” : 

Non-Surgical Sterilization“Priorities and Challenges” Dr. Linda Rhodes and Joyce Briggs 1

Priorities : 

Priorities Approved by regulatory agencies as safe (for animals & for humans administering) &effective Permanent best. Also opportunity for long-term (3+ years) products Single injection or treatment Products for male and female, dogs and cats Documented effects on behavior and health Can be provided at affordable rates for use in indigent or low-income client populations

Filling our toolbox… the right tool for the right job. : 

Filling our toolbox… the right tool for the right job. 3

Challenges : 

Challenges Financing A long road from idea to product – must sustain funding for many years Regulatory hurdles, worldwide Not just safe and effective, but can manufacture at the scale needed, at reasonable cost Understanding risk/benefit (all approaches have risks) Changing the paradigm from surgery – teaching old dogs new tricks!

“Alliance” : 

“Alliance” 5

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