Top 10 Places You Should Travel To This Year


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These are some of the places where you will not find many tourists because they can be safely be named as hidden treasures on earth which are yet to be explored by the common man.


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Top 10 Places You Should Travel To This Year


Has the thought of exploring the world ever gone through your mind? Has the idea of discovering different cultures, traditions and possibly going through an extreme level of fun and amusement ever gotten you excited? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, then my friend, “Congratulations,” you are officially a travel enthusiast! If you are amongst those individuals who do not have much hindrance when it comes to money, then it certainly is an icing on the cake because we are about to release the exotic secrets about some amazing places, after which you would be paying them a visit.


These places are more or less, a heaven on Earth and are not those places, which you frequently hear about because the world is much more than visiting Thailand or Switzerland, wouldn’t you agree? These are some of the places where you will not find many tourists because they can be safely be named as hidden treasures on earth which are yet to be explored by the common man. Therefore, without wasting any more time, we will jump straight to the places, which we believe are astounding and are worth the visit. Here we go:

1. Bocas Del Toro, Panama:

1. Bocas Del Toro, Panama First on our list is a beautiful part of Latin America known as Panama. It serves as the home to some of the purest natural beauty that forms the part of the continent. With amazing deserted beaches along with the touch of the dense tropical rainforest and the coral reefs, which come with the mystical drop of aquatic life, it is the place worth the top spot on your itinerary.


Amongst some of the best places in Panama, Bocas Del Toro is a place, which is gaining popularity amongst travelers. It is an archipelago, which comes up with as many as nine islands and virtually hundreds of islets, along with cays. Plan a vacation here and we are sure that you will be moved to your core because the beauty that dwells over there is unlike anything that you have seen before!

2. Guadalajara, Mexico :

2. Guadalajara, Mexico We are sure that you would have heard about Mexico, but we are also certain that the name, “Guadalajara” would have never come across to you before today. It lately has become the hub of the jazz scene, as it recently served as the host city for the international book fair, along with a very prestigious film festival. Having said that, the collection of amazing murals along with the presence of great museums have ensured that Mexico’s second largest city starts receiving guests from all over the world.

3. Richmond, Virginia:

3. Richmond, Virginia The capital of Virginia is simply known for some of the most amazing architectural designs and art galleries. Having said that, the very monuments of Civil War have also contributed in attracting a lot of cosmopolitan crowds. It certainly is the best place if you are short on time and live anywhere nearby. It is highly recommended that you explore this city either on foot or a bike because you will miss a lot if you are going to take the taxi or the public bus.

4. Lille, France:

4. Lille, France We are sure that whenever you hear of France, the first thing that will come to your mind is the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Well, France certainly is much more than that, and this is exactly what we are here to address. Just around 2 hours away lies Lille, which has a great number of historic buildings, cobblestoned streets, and preeminent museums. It is now an emerging city of France, so do not miss this beautiful place when you take a trip to France.

5. Iran:

5. Iran It has been hard for Iran to stay away from the news; mostly because of the political reasons but the latest agreement of Iran with the UN Security Council means that Iran’s great civilization can be witnessed again. There are as many as 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Iran along with the history of an empire that dates back to 1000 BC. With this much to be discovered, are you sure you do not want to pay Iran a visit?

6. Lanai, Hawaii:

6. Lanai, Hawaii With new restaurants being built and the signal free strips, Lanai is a place that is not much discovered as of yet. If you are wondering what this place has to offer, then we too will not be able to tell you about it properly because the beauty is something that is ineffable.

7. Hangzhou, China:

7. Hangzhou, China One of China’s wealthiest cities, Hangzhou is a place that has served many traders, artists, explorers and poets in the past, and is still of great service to the tech and manufacturing industry. The bamboo forest, the stone pathways, a vast and mesmerizing West Lake, with giant hot tubs are some of the features of Hangzhou which serve as the top attraction of this magnificent city.

8. Frankfurt, Germany:

8. Frankfurt, Germany If you have always thought of Frankfurt as a city of bankers and businessmen, and nothing more, then your perception will change after you pay a visit to this exciting and emerging city of Germany. For many years, it has only served the needs of businesspersons but lately, it is opening up to tourists and is highlighting the beautiful architectural buildings that exist over there. Along with that, the food in Frankfurt is something that we are sure that you would not be able to find in the rest of Germany, let alone the world.

9. St. Helena:

9. St. Helena Do you know, St. Helena served as the last place of exile for Napoleon? It is a place that you might not have heard about before, because of its remote presence. With a new airport in construction, reaching St. Helena will become quite easy. Now, you can easily explore the beauty that prevails in this beautiful part of the world.

10. Guatemala:

10. Guatemala The 2015’s crackdown on corruption has opened the doors of blessings to Guatemala. In the past, the tourists mostly based their trips on some landmark sites such as the Tikal National Park, but with the stability being brought back, there are many archeological sites left to be discovered.


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