Shipment Process

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Shipment Process :

Shipment Process Shipments OF CASH Government Securities and Travelers Checks.


LCY CASH SHIPMENT under the direct supervision of the Cash Officer. dual custody (Cash Officer & Head Teller) Cash Officer or the Head Teller will contact and inform M/S Phoenix TO collect cash shipment Phoenix Armour personnel will be verified from the list of authorized personnel Head Teller will seal the bag with the numbered plastic seals provided by Phoenix Armou under the security camera coverage.IN THE back office Two permanent cash counter staff will receive The shipment correspondence of shipment together with the shipment receipt will be filed for records


FCY CASH SHIPMENT KBR1 Send FCY shipments to HSBC Singapore. KBR1will send a citimail to GCIB Credit for the allocation of settlement risk lines minimum USD 200,000 or equivalent in other currencies maximum USD 3,000,000 or equivalent in other currencies Head The shipment will be packed in transparent plastic bags provided by Phoenix Armour with one numbered plastic seal. The credit in our account will be received within three to four days of sending the shipment. correspondence of shipment together with the shipment receipt will be filed for records

Shipment Of Government Securities :

Shipment Of Government Securities KBR 1 is responsible to ship Government Securities to all branches The shipment process is the same as the one mentioned for cash. The shipment receipt for Government Securities will have “No Commercial Value” clearly writer on it. Insurance Company (M/s EFU Limited) Coverage Rs.270MM for both foreign and local currencies For shipments to HSBC Singapore, HSBC provides insurance coverage up to the maximum shipment amount of USD 3,000,000