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How to use digital marketing to grow your business - acquire, convert and retain customers. For More Information Call Us at 973-13678999 or Visit Our Website http://www.5ps-mc.com/


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Join us on a digital marketing journey to discover how your business can benefit from the DM tools.:

I N N O VAT I VE I A D A P T I VE I A F F O R D A B L E Join us on a digital marketing journey to discover how your business can benefit from the DM tools.

7 Digital Marketing Services:

7 Digital Marketing Services Website SEO Social Media Market i ng Content Marke t i n g Email Marke t i n g Ad Campaigns Google Analytics / Customer Feedba c k

Acquire Customers:

Acquire Cus t omers Website Search Marketing SEO /PPC Social Media Marketing Ad campaigns Email Marketing Convert Cus t omers Content Marketing – Articles, Blogs Social e-Commerce, apps Social contests & deals Retain Cus t omers Google Analytics Social customer service Reput a ti o n monitoring Customer feedback Net promoter score analysis Portfolio of digital marketing services to choose from

5 challenges faced in digital marketing that we take care of:

5 challenges faced in digital marketing that we take care of Lack of Time You are always wishing you had TIME to manage social media & digital marketing Unable to Keep Pace Not able to be up to date with new digital tactics that deliver real results Trial & Error Depending on guesswork & trials to deliver results Lack of Content Not having the time or resources to create relevant content Lack of Da t abase Not knowing how to create a custom audience of social media followers



Starting point of digital road map Website – your brand presence online:

Starting point of digital road map Website – your brand presence online W E B S ITE Website is your identity, your brand online. Building a user friendly website is the first step to digital marketing success RESPONSIVE DESIGN 67% of website users claim they are more likely to purchase from a mobile friendly website E- COMMERCE L A N D ING PAGES Companies with landing pages generate more leads Techniques that actively encourages your visitors to buy your product/service

E-commerce platforms -:

E - commerce platforms - Selling online simplified Take your business wherever you go with your own custom branded and mobile friendly e-commerce site at very affordable rates. We will assist you in setting up your virtual store step by step. We help businesses to tap into the upward trend in online shopping which continues to grow with each passing year. Omni channel is the new norm 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another, according to Google. Spend 3 times more Multi-channel shoppers shop more often and spend over 3 times more than your single channel shopper.



SEO Process:

Website audit Technical SEO optimization K e y w o rd r es e ar ch Co n t e n t updates On page o p ti m i z a tion Off page optimization – link building SEO submission Monthly reports SEO Process In Google keyword search results if your brand doesn’t appear in the first page you are losing new customers


Top positions in a search engine receive the majority of clicks and impressions which eventually leads a business to climb the ladder of rankings. ENHANCED TRAFFIC We effectively track each aspect of our SEO strategy let it be increase in traffic, rankings, conversions, etc. Our spot-on analytics acquire demographic information along with other engagement metrics of users BETTER ROI We believe the traffic produced by SEO is far more effectively qualified for turning potential customers and repeat sales as compared to other marketing and advertising forms. REACH QUALITY CUSTOMERS Our specialists work vigilantly to rearrange a site’s links and overall architecture to make it easier for it to be located and navigable. BETTER SITE USABILITY We believe a site which lists on the first page of a search engine is able to relate to a better brand awareness, trust, and credibility in the mind of the users. BRAND AWARENESS B e ne f its of SEO



Content Marketing - critical success factor in digital marketing:

Content Marketing - critical success factor in digital marketing Cont e nt Content is King. Good powerful content, be it words, videos or pictures, attract consumers and establish your brand Videos, Photos Viewers are 12% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video. Creative photos enhance your brand visibility and awareness B l og g in g , Newsl e tter Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages by search engines and inbound links Infographics Businesses which use Infographics grow in traffic on an average of 12%, more than those who don’t

Content Guide for Social Media:

Content Guide for Social Media Facebook Behind the scene photos, Quotes, Questions, Blog Posts, Announcements, Videos Blog Posts, Curated Content, Quotes, Industry News, Announcements, Videos, Live Tweeting Events Product Photos, Quotes Company News, Industry News, Curated Content, Quotes, Industry Relevant Statistics, Trends Product Photos, Infographics, Quotes, Blog Post, Curated Content Twitter Instagram Li n kedIn P i nterest Snap Chat Product Photos, Short Videos Social media is the most powerful platform where you can market your business and increase its brand value



Social Media Workshop / Training:

Social Media Workshop / Training TRAINING/ W O R K S H OP We provide customized hands-on training/workshop for client’s in-house staff to manage social media Training modules are designed for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Training for other platforms can be given on request Each module’s duration varies from 2-3 hours with Q& A. Facebook / LinkedIn – 3 hours; Instagram / Twitter - 2 hours One month’s FREE consultation is provided after the training as additional support Based on your needs and requirement a customized quote that fits your budget can be given. Discuss with us your training needs and budget. When it comes to social media marketing there are 2 options – manage it in-house or outsource it to a professional digital marketing agency. Both the options need trained staff to manage social media.

Social Media Workshop / Training:

Social Media Workshop / Training TRAINING/ W O R K S H OP CONTENT An overview of social media platforms - How to create a profile or audit an existing profile - Understanding the main features and how to use it - Content strategy – what to post, how to create, how often to post, when to post - Creating a campaign - deciding campaign objectives, custom audience creation, budget finalization, getting creatives right, content creation - Evaluation and analytics

Social Media Management:

How your social media will be managed Objectives Profile Audit Editorial Calendar Social paid ad campaigns Posting Content Creation Analyze Results Social Media Management

Social Media Management Process:

New account creation or existing profile audit, streamlining and optimizing the profiles Discuss with clients to understand their objectives and expectations Prepare content plan and editorial calendar Content strategy – what to post, how to create, how often to post, when to post Create campaigns - deciding campaign objectives, custom audience creation, budget finalization, getting creatives right Evaluation and analytics report every month Choose from two payment options : pay per post or pay a monthly fee. Additional budget has to be kept for social ads How your social media accounts will be managed Social Media Management Process Client gets to finalize how much they would like to spend on social media ma n a g em e n t every month.



Email Marketing:

Email Marketing Special offers A d v ert i se m e n ts N e w s l e tt e r s Product updates Event invitation Announcements Types of email: It is an inbound marketing channel and permission based. It is most effective in delivering quality content directly to the inbox of those who have already given you the consent to receive your information. A properly planned email marketing campaign will pull people towards your company and product. First step is to start building up your subscriber list and the best place to start is your existing customer base.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing Welcome email Confirmation email Thank you Abandoned cart follow up Types of automated email that could be sent: We will help you in : Starting a subscriber list through lead generation tactics Database set up Email design with quality content Automated email delivery using email service providers Testing Analytics of results



Digital Ad Campaigns:

Based on your business objectives we can create campaigns to achieve your goals. The types of ads you can consider are: 1. Google AdWords in search results pages 2. Social ads – in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn 3. Display ads in Google Display Network websites Digital Ad Campaigns Google AdWords Social Ads – Ads in Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Display Ads – Banner ad, Leaderboard, MPU, Skyscraper Set a budget that is affordable to you. When you are trying ad campaigns for the first time start with a small budget and increase it as you start seeing results



Google Analytics:

Google Analytics tracks and reports your website traffic. Using Google Analytics we help you gain insights into your user’s journey from where they came to how they behaved on your site through web analytics. We will also look at setting up a Google Analytics account, basic settings and installing the tracking code on your website. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Reports:

There are 4 Google Analytics reports you can have: Audience Acquisition Behaviour Conversions These reports will give you a better understanding of your customer behavior and you can customize your marketing activities to achieve better results. Google Analytics Reports Audience (Who your audience are) Acquisition (How did they come to your w e b si t e) Behaviour (What did they do on site) Conversions (Whether they converted on site)

Customer feedback monitoring:

Do you know what your customers say about your product / service? #1 Do you know what factors are considered important by your customers? #2 Do you know what is your Net Promoter Score? – Likelihood of recommending you, the most important growth indicator # 3 Do you know whether customers will consider you for future purchase? # 4 4 Important questions all businesses need to answer Customer feedback monitoring

Why is it important to take customer feedback?:

#1 It is a known fact that it is more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing customer. So do you know whether your existing customers are happy with you ? #2 One of the easy ways to grow your business is from your existing customer base. So do you know your Net Promoter Score, the most important growth indicator score ? It is the willingness to recommend your business to others. c u s t om e r s . A ll decisions are said to be taken with the best interests of customers in mind. So before you take important decisions related to business do you minimize your risk by taking your customer’s feedback ? # 3 The existence of any business is its Why is it important to take customer feedback?

How customer feedback is gathered:

How customer feedback is gathered Tele- surveys / Face to face Mystery s h opp i ng / dining Questionnaire Methodology Power Point actionable reports with charts S am p l e size Research Design Types of Research Findings Customer satisfaction studies / brand perception studies / lifestyle analysis / market share analysis / market attractiveness analysis

4 reasons that make us different from other consultancies:

4 reasons that make us different from other consultancies We are a B2H (Business to Human) consultancy When you assign a project to us we know how important it is to you. We don’t put any restriction or end date on the support we provide once a project is started. We believe in working as your back office team, as your reliable and reassuring partners. Whether it is future updates or amendments you might need we will always find time to get it done as we function as a location independent team




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