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Advanced Practical Digital Marketing Training Creating Leaders in “Digital World” An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation

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INDIA’S 1st PRACTICAL DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING INSTITUTE 1500+ Candidates Trained 150+ Entrepreneurs 150+ Batches

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100 Practical Delivery Methods Reasons Why Would You Like Digital Trainee Wordpress Websites Designing Individual Focus Free Domain Hosting 27 Course Modules Micro Batch Size Job Freelancing Business Learning Point of View 7+ Years Of Experienced Trainers Live Money Spend On Social Media Campaign Google Analytics Access Google Webmaster Access 50+ latest Tools Lowest Fees For Advanced Digital Marketing Placement Preparation Guaranteed Internship Of 2 Months Google Certifications 100 Job Placement Assistance

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BECOME GOOGLE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL One Training Program- 8 Certifications After Completion Of The Training Not Only You Will Become DIGITAL MARKETING Expert But Also Become A GOOGLE Certified Professional.

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Hubspot Certification Your name

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Growth Hacking Overview Google Adwords Google Adwords Google Adwords Google Adwords Google Adwords Website Planning And Creation On Wordpress Whats App Marketing The only Digital Marketing program where you get in-depth knowledge of all the 27 modules of Digital Marketing with practical hand-on experience Affiliate Marketing App Creation Social Media Automation 100 Digital Marketing Training Practical Learn All Get Ahead 27 Modules

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Who Should Attend  Job Seekers / Students  Marketing Professionals  Sales Professionals  Business Owners  Entrepreneurs  Digital Marketing Professionals  Other Professionals IT HR Finance Etc

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Digital Marketing Overview  What Is Marketing  How We Do Marketing  What Is Digital Marketing  Benefits Of Digital Marketing  Digital Marketing Platforms And Strategies  Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing  Defining Marketing Goals  Latest Digital Marketing Trends  Case Studies Of Digital Campaigns Percentage Of Web Analytics Success Lies In 1 The People You Have Behind Tools

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Introduction To Search Engine ꞏ How Search Engine Works ꞏ Components Of Search Engine ꞏ Google Algorithm ꞏ Panda ꞏ Penguin ꞏ Humming Bird ꞏ Pigeon ꞏ Latest Updates In Google Search Engine Optimization 2 Keyword Research And Competition ꞏ Introduction To keyword Research ꞏ Types Of Keywords ꞏ Keyword Research Methodology ꞏ Business Analysis And Categorization ꞏ Google Keyword Planner ꞏ Market Research And Analysis ꞏ New Keyword Ideas ꞏ Competition Analysis ꞏ Finalizing The Keyword List

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Onpage Optimization ꞏ Introduction To On Page ꞏ URL Optimization ꞏ Heading Optimization ꞏ Image Alt Tag Optimization ꞏ Content Optimization ꞏ Meta Tag Optimization ꞏ Sitemap ꞏ Canonical Tags ꞏ Redirection ꞏ Secure Socket Layer ꞏ Domain Name Is SEO ꞏ Website Speed Search Engine Optimization 2 Google Only Loves You When Everyone Loves You First

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ꞏ Classified Ads ꞏ Question And Answers ꞏ Blogging And Commenting ꞏ Local Business Directories ꞏ Social Bookmarking Search Engine Optimization 2 Offpage Optimization ꞏ What Is Link Building ꞏ Types Of Link Building Methods ꞏ Do Follow Vs. No Follow ꞏ Link Building Guidelines ꞏ Links Analysis Tools ꞏ Guest Blogging ꞏ Press Release ꞏ Link Building Resources Content Is The Reason Search Began Article 

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3 Introduction To Webmaster Tool Search Appearance ꞏ Structure Data ꞏ Rich Cards ꞏ Data Highlighter ꞏ HTML Improvements ꞏ Accelerated Mobile Pages Search Traffic ꞏ Search Analytics ꞏ Links To Your Site ꞏ Internal Links ꞏ Manual Actions ꞏ International Targeting Google Index Crawl Security Issues Web Tools

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4 Local SEO The Job Of Search Engine Is Always Depends on The Mystery Of Algorithm  What Is Local SEO  Importance Of Local SEO  Submission To Google My Business  Completing The Profile  Local SEO Ranking Signals  Local SEO Negative Signals  Citations And Local Submissions

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5 ꞏ What Is Content Marketing ꞏ Introduction To Content Marketing ꞏ Objective To Content Marketing ꞏ How To Write Great Compelling Content ꞏ Keyword Research For Content Ideas ꞏ Optimizing Content For Search Engines ꞏ How To Market Your Content ꞏ How To Increase Opt-In Mail List With Content Marketing ꞏ Case Study On Content Marketing Content Marketing Content Marketing Represent The Gap Between What The Brand Produce And What The Consumers Actually Want

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6 ꞏ Understanding Internet ꞏ Difference Between Web And Internet ꞏ Understanding Websites ꞏ Understanding Domain Name And Domain Extensions ꞏ What Is Web Server And Web Hosting ꞏ Different Types Of Web Servers ꞏ Different Types Of Websites ꞏ Based On Functionality ꞏ Based On Purpose Planning and Conceptualizing Website ꞏ Booking A Domain Name And Web Hosting ꞏ Adding Domain Name To Web Server ꞏ Adding Webpage And Content ꞏ Adding Plugins Website Planning Creation On Wordpress

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7 ꞏ Importance Of App ꞏ Benefits Of Mobile App For Business ꞏ App Creation Tool ꞏ Choose Relevant Layout ꞏ Designing As Per Your Requirement ꞏ How To Download Free apk File ꞏ Introduction Google Play Console ꞏ Process To Upload App In Playstore App Creation ꞏ ASO Strategy

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8 ꞏ What Is ASO ꞏ ASO Goal ꞏ Why Is ASO Important ꞏ ASO Best Practices ꞏ ASO Strategy ꞏ ASO Case Study If People Like You They Will Listen To You But If They Trust You They Will Do Business With You App Store Optimization

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9 ꞏ Introduction To Paid Marketing ꞏ Google Account Setup ꞏ Interface Tour And Billing Setting ꞏ Account Structure ꞏ Campaign Setting ꞏ Ad Group Setup ꞏ Keyword Match Setup ꞏ Keyword Research Tools ꞏ Understanding Ad Auction ꞏ What Is Quality Score ꞏ Types Of CPCs ꞏ Bidding Strategies ꞏ Ad Formats ꞏ Ad Guidelines ꞏ Ad Extensions Search Engine Marketing Google Adwords Don’t Design For Brands Design For People Interaction With Brands

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A 10 ꞏ What Is Display Advertising ꞏ How Display Ads Works ꞏ Benefits Of Display Advertising ꞏ Creating A Display Campaign ꞏ Bidding Strategies ꞏ Targeting Option In Display ꞏ Network Keyword Based ꞏ Calculating ROI ꞏ Segment And Filters ꞏ Search Terms And Ad Auctions ꞏ Customization Tools ꞏ Reporting ꞏ Access Levels ꞏ Change History Tool ꞏ Display Planner Tool Online Display Advertising Google Adwords The Man Who Stops Advertising Is The Man Who Stops His Clock To Save Time

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11 ꞏ Mobile Apps Install Campaign ꞏ Mobile Apps Engagement ꞏ Growth In Mobile Industry ꞏ Promoting Site In Mobile Apps ꞏ Benefits Of Mobile Marketing ꞏ Targeting Options In Mobile Apps ꞏ Mobile Marketing Goals ꞏ Mobile Ad Formats ꞏ App Creation Strategy ꞏ Reporting In Mobile Ads Mobile Marketing Google Adwords If Your Plans Don’t Include Mobile Marketing Your Plans Are Not Complete

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12 ꞏ Importance Of Video Marketing ꞏ Create A Video Campaign ꞏ Location Targeting ꞏ Bidding Strategies ꞏ Creating Targeting Groups ꞏ Targeting Options In Video Ads ꞏ Types Of Ad Formats ꞏ Measuring The Results Of Campaign Video Marketing Google Adwords It’s Not What You Upload It’s The strategy With Which You Upload

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13 Remarketing Conversion Google Adwords What Is Remarketing Benefits Of Remarketing Strategy Manual Remarketing Vs Dynamic Remarketing How to Build Remarketing List Step By Step Remarketing Campaign Result Analysis Of Remarketing Campaign Remarketing Google Adwords . . . . . . What Is Conversion Importance Of Conversion Tracking Implemention Of Conversion Tracking Result Analysis Of Conversion Tracking Conversion Google Adwords . . . .

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14 ꞏ What Is Social Media ꞏ SMM Vs. SMO ꞏ Benefits Of Using SMM ꞏ Social Media Statistics ꞏ Why Use Social Media Marketing ꞏ Social Media Strategy Dimensions In Posts ꞏ Impact Of Social Media On SEO ꞏ Facebook Account Setup ꞏ Personal Account Properties ꞏ Facebook Marketing Strategy ꞏ Competition Analysis ꞏ Facebook Business Page Setup ꞏ Types Of Business Pages ꞏ Cover Photo Designing ꞏ Increase The Likes To Page ꞏ Page Management Options ꞏ Types Of Posts And Statistics ꞏ Dimension In Post ꞏ Creative Posts Strategy Social Media Optimization Facebook

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ꞏ User Engagement Metrics ꞏ Facebook Insights ꞏ Facebook Groups ꞏ Facebook Apps Creation ꞏ Integration FB In Site ꞏ What Is Twitter ꞏ Benefits Of Twitter ꞏ How Brands Use Twitter ꞏ Profile Creation And Management ꞏ Customizing The Profile ꞏ Types Of Tweets And Statistics ꞏ Content Strategy For Twitter ꞏ Post Your First Tweet ꞏ Analysis Of Big Brands ꞏ Twitter Contests ꞏ What Is Hashtag ꞏ Hashtags And Its Uses. ꞏ Tools For Twitter Marketing ꞏ Twitter Analytics Twitter 14 Social Media Optimization

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ꞏ Pins And Links ꞏ Generating Engagements ꞏ Using Infographics ꞏ Integrating Pinterest In Site ꞏ Engagement Metrics For Pins ꞏ Pinterest Analytics Google Plus ꞏ Benefits of Google+ In SEO ꞏ Creating Profile ꞏ Managing Connections ꞏ Creating Google+ Page ꞏ Types Of Pages ꞏ Content Strategy And Statistics ꞏ Posting On Google+ ꞏ Increasing The Reach And Followers ꞏ Linking Google+ With Site ꞏ Google+ Badge Integration ꞏ Google+ Groups 14 Social Media Optimization

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LinkedIn ꞏ What Is LinkedIn ꞏ Benefits Of LinkedIn Network ꞏ Create A LinkedIn Profile ꞏ Optimizing The Profile ꞏ Skills And Endorsements ꞏ Recommendations In LinkedIn ꞏ Creating New Connections ꞏ Posting Content In Profile ꞏ LinkedIn Groups ꞏ Finding Jobs In LinkedIn ꞏ Creating Company Page ꞏ Customization Of Page ꞏ Posting In LinkedIn Page Pinterest ꞏ What Is Pinterest ꞏ How Brands Use Pinterest ꞏ Creating A Pinterest Account ꞏ Customizing The Profile ꞏ Pinterest Strategy ꞏ Boards In Pinterest 14 Social Media Optimization

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Instagram ꞏ What Is Instagram ꞏ Instagram Statistics ꞏ How Brands Use Instagram ꞏ Creating Instagram Account ꞏ Tour Of Instagram App ꞏ Content Strategy And Tips ꞏ Picture Dimensions ꞏ Filters In Instagram ꞏ Using Hashtags ꞏ Popular Brands On Instagram ꞏ Advertising Options In Instagram 14 Social Media Optimization Our Digital Future Is About Enabling Better Productivity And Decision Making To Enjoy A Better Quality Of Life

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15 Facebook / Instagram Advertising Facebook / Instagram Advertising ꞏ What Is Facebook / Instagram Advertising ꞏ Types Of Promotions ꞏ Audience Targeting ꞏ Advanced Audience Targeting ꞏ Bidding Strategies ꞏ Ad Format Ad Dimensions And Rules ꞏ Re-Marketing Strategy ꞏ Conversion Tracking The Brand Is Worthless If It Doesn’t CO N NECT With Right Audiences In Relevant Way

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16 Twitter Marketing Twitter Advertising ꞏ What Is Twitter Advertising ꞏ Types Of Promotions ꞏ Audience Targeting ꞏ Advanced Audience Targeting ꞏ Bidding Strategies ꞏ Ad Formats ꞏ Ad Dimensions And Rules ꞏ Remarketing Strategy ꞏ Conversion Tracking Twitter Marketing In Four Word : Listen Learn Care And Serve

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17 LinkedIn Marketing ꞏ What Is LinkedIn Advertising ꞏ Types Of Promotions ꞏ Audience Targeting ꞏ Advanched Audience Targeting ꞏ Bidding Strategies ꞏ AD Formats ꞏ Ad Dimensions And Rules ꞏ Re-Marketing Strategy ꞏ Conversion Tracking Linked-In Is No Longer An Online Resume It’s Your Digital Reputation LinkedIn Advertising

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18 ꞏ What Is Social Media Automation ꞏ Social Media Automation/ Management Tool 1 Buffer 2 Hootsuit 3 Postcron Social Media Automation ꞏ Setup Connection With Facebook Twitter ꞏ Post Scheduling In Tools ꞏ Add/ Remove Profiles In Tools ꞏ Performance Analysis Linkedin Instagram etc.

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19 WhatsApp Marketing ꞏ Why Should You Use Whatsapp For Business ꞏ Whatsapp Marketing Strategies ꞏ Whatsapp Business Features ꞏ Business Profile ꞏ Can Set Auto Replies ꞏ See Statistics On Messages ꞏ Can Choose The BusinessType ꞏ Different Logo ꞏWhatsapp Marketing Software Tools ꞏ Whatsapp Bulk Sender ꞏ WA Panel ꞏ Bulk Whatsapp Marketing ꞏ Whatsapp Channel ꞏ Whatsapp Marketing Services We Don’t Believe in Digital Marketing We Believe in Marketing in a ‘Digital World’

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20 Google Analytics ꞏ What Is Analytics ꞏ Importance Of Analytics For Business ꞏ Popular Analytics Softwares ꞏ Key Performance Metrics KPI In Analytics ꞏ Visits And Users ꞏ T ime On Page / Site ꞏ B ounce Rate ꞏ Exit Rate ꞏ C onversion Rate ꞏ E ngagement ꞏ Introduction To Google Analytics ꞏ Installing Analytics Code In Site ꞏ Analytics Account Structure ꞏ Interface Tour Of Google Analytics ꞏ General Tools In Analytics ꞏ Real-Time Reports ꞏ Settings In Analytics Audience Reports ꞏ Audience Overview Report ꞏ Active Users ꞏ Biographic Report ꞏ User Behaviour

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20 Google Analytics ꞏ Technology ꞏ Mobile ꞏ User Flow Report Traffic Report ꞏ Traffic Source Overview ꞏ SEO Traffic ꞏ Adwords Traffic ꞏ Social Traffic ꞏ Campaign Behaviour Report ꞏ Behaviour Overviews ꞏ Site Content ꞏ Site Speed Analysis ꞏ In Page Analytics Conversion Tracking ꞏ What Is Conversion ꞏ Conversion Process And Funnel ꞏ Types Of Conversions ꞏ Conversion Reports

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21 Email Marketing ꞏ What Is Email Marketing ꞏ Importance Of Email Marketing ꞏ Popular Email Marketing Softwares ꞏ Email Marketing Goals ꞏ Introduction To Mail Chimp ꞏ Mail Chimp Pricing Structure ꞏ Account Setup And Settings ꞏ Email Marketing Strategy ꞏ Creating A Subscriber List ꞏ Integration Of Forms In Site ꞏ Import Subscribers In List ꞏ Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns ꞏ Creating An Email Campaign ꞏ What Is Newsletter ꞏ Design A Newsletter ꞏ Reports ꞏ Marketing Automation

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22 Online Reputation Management ꞏ What Is ORM ꞏ Why We Need ORM ꞏ Examples Of ORM ꞏ Generate A ORM Report ꞏ Areas To Analyze In ORM Search ꞏ Engine Results Blogs And Websites ꞏ Reviews And Complaints ꞏ Social Media Sites Management Is doing things right Leadership is doing the right things

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23 Google Adsense ꞏ Basics Of Google Adsense ꞏ Adsence Code Installation ꞏ Different Types Of Ads ꞏ Increasing Your Profitability Through Adsense ꞏ Effective Tips In Placing Video Image And Text ꞏ Ads Your Website Correctly ꞏ Google Adsence Policy Overview ꞏ Apply For Adsense Account Help Marketing Is No Longer About The Stuff That You Make It Is About The Stories You Tell

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24 Affiliate Marketing ꞏ What Is Affiliate Marketing Apply For Affiliate Marketing Network ꞏ How Affiliate Marketing Works Understanding The Dashboard ꞏ How To Find Affiliate Niche Promoting The Affiliate Products ꞏ Top Affiliate Marketing Networks Methods Of Promotions ꞏ Affiliate Marketing Networks Reports And ROI ꞏ Affiliate Marketing Payment Models Best Resources For Affiliate Marketing Af liate Marketing Has Made Business Millions And Ordinary People Millionaires

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25 Freelancing Projects  What Is Freelancing  How Does Freelancing Works  How To Grab Freelancing Project  How To Pitch Client For Project  Freelancing Templates / Proposal  Freelancing Caution / Pricing / Package  How To Work On Freelancing Project  Reporting And Suggestions  Websites For Freelancing Project The Future Is Already Here It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed

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26 Lead Generation for Business ꞏ Understanding Lead Generation For Business ꞏ Why Lead Generation Is Important ꞏ Understanding Landing Page ꞏ Understanding Thank You Page ꞏ Landing Page vs. Website ꞏ Best Practices To Create Landing Page ꞏ Best Practices To Create Thank You Page ꞏ What Is A/B Testing ꞏ How To Do A/B Testing ꞏ Converting Leads Into Sale ꞏ Understanding Lead Funnel Lead Generation Activity Starts By Finding Out Where Your Target Marketing Live On The Web

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27 Growth Hacking Overview ꞏ Growth Hacking Basics ꞏ Role Of Growth Hacker ꞏ Customer Life Cycle ꞏ What Is Conversion Optimization Techniques ꞏ Growth Hacking Case Studies A Methodology That Leverages Strategies Aimed At Unlocking Growth At Scale

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Contact Us 7276572728 / 8983765316 Nal Stop Head Office Digital Trainee - 2nd Floor 7/3 Manohar Apartment Opp. PNG Jewellers Near Nisarg Hotel Nalstop karve Road Erandwane Pune - 411004 VimanNagar Branch Office No. 102 Gulmohar Center Point Sopan Nagar Road VimanNagar Chowk Pune- 411014 ADVANCED AND PRACTICAL DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING