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Non-Metals in daily life:

Non-Metals in daily life Onlinetutorsite Inc Welcome’s You The World Of Chemistry

What are non-metals?:

What are non-metals? In chemistry, the term non-metals is used when describing the elements in the periodic table. All elements are classified as metals, non-metals, or metalloids (a mix of metals and non-metals)

Did you know?:

Did you know? 18 elements of the periodic table are considered non-metals, compared to the 80 + metals non-metals make up of the Earth’s environ- ment , including it surface (crust), atmos - phere , etc. non-metals can become similar to metals when large pressure is applied

What are the properties of non-metals?:

What are the properties of non-metals? poor conductors of heat + electricity when solid, they are brittle, and break easily luster is usually dull lower densities, boiling/melting points (than metals)

Applications of non-metals:

Applications of non-metals The Earth’s surface is made of mostly non -metals. The window which you look through, your credit card, car tires, are all composed or contain non-metals. Elements like carbon, which is used in coal, oxygen, which we breath, hydrogen, which bonds with oxygen to produce the water we drink, are all non-metals.


Summary all elements classified as metals, non-metals, metalloids 18 non-metals, 80+ metals within periodic table makes up more of Earth’s environment are brittle, dull in luster, poor conductors elements like oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen which are essential in our daily life are non- metals

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