How to Create an Effective Company Page on LinkedIn?

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How to create an effective company page on LinkedIn?:

How to create an effective company page on LinkedIn?

Creating Company Page on LinkedIn:

Creating Company Page on LinkedIn

Add Company Page:

Add Company Page

Company Page Customization:

Company Page Customization

Company Basic Information:

Company Basic Information

Company Description:

Company Description

Specialties & Groups:

Specialties & Groups

HP – Careers Section:

HP – Careers Section

Job Openings :

Job Openings

Company Description on Career Page:

Company Description on Career Page

HP – Products & Services:

HP – Products & Services

Product & Services Listing:

Product & Services Listing

Add Video Intorduction:

Add Video Intorduction

Post Company Update Ongoingly:

Post Company Update Ongoingly

PowerPoint Presentation:

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