Creating an effective Ad Copy

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Creating An Effective Ad Copy:

Creating An Effective Ad Copy

Sponsored Story is system generated:

Sponsored Story is system generated Sponsored Story Advertisement

What do you want to promote through Ads?:

What do you want to promote through Ads? External URL Your Organic Presence Page, Application and Event Peace of Content Posts done by Administrators

Advertisement Components:

Advertisement Components Title URL Image Description Social Context

Layouts of Ads on Facebook:

Layouts of Ads on Facebook Layout 1 Layout 2

Different Links in the Same Ad:

Different Links in the Same Ad

Title of the Ad:

Title of the Ad

Image selection guidelines:

Image selection guidelines

Elements of Good Ad Description:

Elements of Good Ad Description Communicate only one thing Add relevant “call for action” Talk about what’s in it for users, rather than what you have. Anchoring Ads around a sweepstakes, contest, competition or offer

Facebook Advertising Guidelines:

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Examples: You cannot mention the URL on ads images that originate from Pages You can’t promote or ever refer alcohol in some countries

PowerPoint Presentation:

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