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slide 1: Contact Us: - +918308103366 Become an Absolute Big Data Expert with 3RI Big Data Hadoop Training in Pune Did you know that Hadoop is amongst the most preferred technologies applied in administering Big Data and therefore offers several global career opportunities If you didn’t perhaps you haven’t yet realized the huge industrial as well as career-oriented potential of Hadoop For all those who have realized it and have been searching for the best Hadoop classes in Pune here’s an article that concludes the search and helps you settle with the best institute conducting the best Big Data Hadoop training in Pune. Yes 3RI Technologies the name that has become synonymous with comprehensive training coupled up along with being the stepping stone for bright career Continue reading while we take you some of the intriguing features that contribute to the relevance of this course in the modern context. The Hadoop Concept Business in the modern world generates large volumes of complex data sets that require extensive processing in an organized manner. For the administrators dealing with these data sets on a daily basis the already overloaded existing servers could pose a technical challenge making it difficult to process and organize data let alone the time and cost required to do it. Hadoop was developed as a solution to this concern. It is a Java scripted open source framework that employs simple programming models to facilitate distributed processing of large datasets throughout various clusters of computers. Moreover the scaling capabilities of Hadoop make it possible for the administrators to scale-up from a single server to several machines with each of them enabling local computation and storage. Owing to its exceptional operational capabilities associated with Big Data Hadoop has emerged as a preferred technology into data administration thus also creating a large number of career opportunities as compared to its Big Data counterparts. 3RI Technologies with its expertise and experience in training offers a fully loaded Big Data Hadoop training in Pune dealing with the most industry-relevant aspects of Hadoop thereby fulfilling the industry’s requirements of fully-trained qualified professional ready to take up the real-world challenges right from their first day at work. Course Content Overview of Hadoop Classes in Pune The course is divided into two parts the first one dealing with Java Linux and SQL and the other the larger one comprised of the Hadoop Big Data subject-matter. The course outline as also mentioned on 3RI’s website is as follows. → Introduction to Big Data → The Ecosystem of Hadoop Big Data → Building Blocks → Hadoop Cluster Architecture – Configuration Files → Hadoop Core Components – HDFS and Map Reduce YARN

slide 2: Contact Us: - +918308103366 → HDFS Overview and Data Storage in HDFS → Data Integration with the use of Sqoop and Flume → Data Analysis with the use of PIG HIVE and Impala → NoSQL Database – Hbase → Hadoop – Other Analytics Tools → Other Apache Projects → Spark → Final Project Work The course doesn’t demand any programming background. It is delivered by business experts who’ve worked on diverse technologies qualifying them as mentors guiding students with the right direction. On successful completion of the course you earn access to the world of endless possibilities and career avenues. As a comprehensive Hadoop professional you can pursue a career as Hadoop administrator developer tester etc. The industry no doubt is full of opportunities and challenges. However it is your urge and readiness to accept and overcome challenges that matters the most and contribute your share to the profession that earns you a living 3RI Technologies is the best place that nurtures enthusiastic aspirants like you who are more than excited and all set to pull out a successful career in the technology domain. So for a detailed course outline visit and also do not forget to get in touch with the Institute for information on admissions and related formalities.