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UFX Bank is an online brokerage with physical offices in London, England and Nicosia, Cyprus. In addition to offering a highly versatile and competitive online trading platform, UFX Bank offers human interaction 24 hours a day 6 days a week. Daily reviews, charts and educational tools are also available at no additional cost to the customers of UFX Bank. UFX BANK For more details please visit here Forex Trading

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Our Philosophy The philosophy is simple - keep clients satisfied, informed and enthusiastic at UFXBank. In this volatile, high risk/high gain forex market, well informed and equipped clients are clients who are able to make the best decisions. Provided with the most up-to-date charts and news feeds, paired with highly flexible and intuitive software, the client is able to make quick and intelligent trades based on the supplied tools. Equally important is our use of the “Trading Experts” feature – a unique opportunity that pairs up our new clients with seasoned FX traders. We employ ONLY professionals, who have dedicated their careers to FX trading and dealing. Many of whom have been recruited from major banks, FX companies and trading floors/dealing rooms. For more details please visit here Forex Trading

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UFX Bank - Refer a Friend UFX Bank has brought you the best referral program in the industry. Option one - Referral program for new traders with up to USD2000 initial deposit UFXbank is happy to reward customers with a $200 bonus for each friend referral. Our easy referral program makes earning this bonus so simple. All you need to do is fill out the form below by inserting the names and email addresses of the people you would like to refer. Once the friend that you have referred to us activates an account and trades as per the terms and conditions, we will immediately credit your account with a $200(USD) bonus. For more details please visit here Forex Trading

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For more details please visit here Forex Trading Option two - Referral program for new traders with a minimum initial deposit starting from USD2000 UFXBank’s Refer a Friend program allows anyone to enjoy lucrative bonuses, achieved via referrals of advanced clients.As a satisfied customer of UFXBank, your good opinion about our services is crucial for your friends who are interested in Forex trading.By referring your friends and introducing them to UFXBANK, you will be entitled to enjoy a 10% bonus to your account. Your friend’s initial deposit amount must be between USD2000 and USD10,000 in order to enjoy this offer. UFX Bank - Refer a Friend

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For more details please visit here Forex Trading Thank you for visiting this presentation. Each of our traders has a personal trading expert who escorts each trader through the entire trading process. Thank You

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