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Blended learning is the best of both the worlds namely: classroom training and on-line training. 24x7 Learning provides best of blended learning solutions as per the employee training needs. Please visit us at: to know more about best possible blended learning solutions.


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Don’t Choose – Just Sit on the Fence:

Don’t Choose – Just Sit on the Fence A Presentation on Blended Learning

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Should an organization make the shift to eLearning or stick with classroom training? Or…

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… is there a third approach???

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The Advantages of eLearning Learning on the go Anytime learning Social learning and knowledge collaboration Cost- and time-saving benefits Instant feedback and rewards Individual tracking of progress online Immediate Assessments

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With all these benefits, can eLearning replace classroom training completely? – It probably could . Is it a good idea to completely replace classroom training with online training? – Probably not .

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The Advantages of Classroom Training T he psychological benefit of face-to-face interaction that lends a personal touch and a sense of assurance to the learner   First-hand information from subject matter experts on questions that extend beyond the course Hands-on practical knowledge on the use of tools and machinery related to a job Dedicated time set aside for classroom learning

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Deciding on a training mode is not as simple as flipping a coin and taking a “heads-I-win, tails-you-lose ” approach because there is a lot to win and a lot to lose – either way.

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There is a third way…

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Sit on the fence… Have your cake and eat it too … Enjoy the best of both worlds…

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It’s called… Blended Learning

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The Advantages of Blended Learning Decreased dependency on trainers Wider opportunities to engage in learning Save cost Reduce the number of face-to-face training hours Uniformly train a geographically dispersed workforce Enhance learning and retentive abilities

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