Moving Into 2015 with eLearning


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A peek into 2014 and the elearning industry on how it evolved over the year.


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Moving Into 2015 with eLearning “Online learning is the blackboard of the future” that is what a recent headline on the internet read. From tiny tots to college students from those trying to juggle a career while pursuing higher studies to employees learning to comply with ever-changing regulations – eLearning has been the one sought after solution across educational institutions and organizations. We have come to the end of yet another year – and like always we are in awe of how betterments and advancements in technology have seeped into the learning field and helped people across the world to learn. In January 2014 like most eLearning organizations we compiled a list of what we thought would be the “top online learning predictions for 2014.” The list went like this: Prediction 1: Mobile learning will make it big in 2014 Prediction 2: e-Learning will be the main ingredient for successful blended learning Prediction 3: Social learning will accelerate Prediction 4: Tin Can API will be the name of the game Prediction 5: HTML5 will take precedence Prediction 6: Technology will be part and parcel of almost every learning experience Prediction 7: There will be a burst of e-learning courses in languages other than English Prediction 8: There will be major changes in design Prediction 9: Gamification and videos will become a part of e-learning content Read the full article here: predictions-2014/ Needless to say all of these predictions were fulfilled. But what is more interesting is the extent to which some of these predictions have transpired. 2014 saw some big changes in the field of technology enabled learning. How big is bigThe enormity of the changes we saw in the last year cannot even be fathomed without the help of statistics and numbers – so here are a few:

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The global spend for eLearning has increased from 25.6 billion in 2011 to 56.2 billion in 2014 and this is going to double by the end of 2015. As stated in a report by Ambient Insight mobile revenues will more than quadruple from the 362.3 million reached in 2012 to a staggering 1.4 billion by 2017. According to a press release on November 9 2011 Gartner Inc. predicted that by 2014 more than 70 of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application and 25 of day-to-day business processes will use aspects of gamification. This was followed by another press release a year later November 27 2012 according to which Gartner predicted that by 2014 80 Percent of the then current gamified applications would fail to meet business objectives primarily due to poor design.In the beginning of 2014 we predicted that there would be major changes in design in 2014 – not just in gamification but across the eLearning stratum and we were right – and so was Gartner. Technology enabled learning has continued to spread to the farthest corners of the civilized world and we have proof of this in the inquiries we receive for requirements from organizations across the world – be it to support different languages mobile learning platform or even gamification. To say this is encouraging would be an understatement. We know that this movement technology enabled learning that we believe in is only going to grow - it‟s an upward growth curve all the way. We know from the statistics that eLearning has a bright future ahead and that 2015 will be yet another remarkable year for the eLearning industry. ELearning has caused a morphic resonance of technology enabled learning across the globe and that has changed the way the world will learn in the future. This resonance is not something new and by no means is it going to end in the near future. As long as there is a progression in technology there will be a progression in the way we learn - because technology is now a part of „learning‟ and it‟s here to stay. Get more such information here : .

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