How to use PowerPoint effectively for Training Presentations


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A tedious task like training sessions can be made simple by using PowerPoint effectively. Here are our top tips on how to use PowerPoint effectively for Training Presentations /top-5-tips-for-using-powerpoint-effectively-in-trainin g/


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Using PowerPoint for Training Presentations:

Using PowerPoint for Training Presentations

Top Tips on Using PowerPoint for Training:

Top Tips on Using PowerPoint for Training Keep it concise and simple Converse with the audience Choose appropriate slide templates and layouts Use illustrations, tables, diagrams and images Insert hyperlinks to demos

Keep it Concise and Simple:

Keep it Concise and Simple Avoid fancy trimmings Do not divert from the subject matter Use simple slide formats, legible text fonts, soft background colors and dark font colors Use Supportive illustrations to create effective and comprehensible slides.

Converse with the audience:

Converse with the audience Do not read the text on the slide Keep content on the slide to a minimum to avoid information overload or boring the audience Provide short bulleted points instead of long, windy sentences Maintain logical flow and structure

Choose suitable slide templates and layouts:

Choose suitable slide templates and layouts Slide template should set the mood for the presentation Colorful templates for fun and light presentations Two-toned templates for serious presentations Choose layout of slide based on content Text only Text with graphics Text with tables

Use graphs, diagrams and illustrations:

Use graphs, diagrams and illustrations Liven up the presentation with graphs, diagrams, pictures, videos, etc. Avoid lines and lines of text on slides Audiences show more interest in visual presentations rather than text-based

Include demos in training:

Include demos in training Insert audio and video clips in the presentation Insert hyperlinks to webpages This facilitates using demos during training Through in-house software Through webpages

Tips on using our PPT Products and Tools:

Tips on using our PPT Products and Tools Click here to find out how to customize and edit our PowerPoint Products and Tools

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