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Modern Locksmith Services in Cincinnati Cincinnati’s crime rate is one of the highest in the country. Did you know that over 17600 property crimes were reported just last year Burglars are al- ways coming up with new tools and tricks and if you want to stay safe you need a profes- sional locksmith who is just as proactive. Here are some tips to get the best protection from your locksmith.

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Keep your locks up to date Lock technology is ad- vancing all the time to keep up with innovative criminals. If your locks haven’t been changed in ten years they might not slow down a thief. Howev- er a modern locksmith can recommend a number of options that meet the latest security standards

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Protect yourself with high security locks and keys The locks on most apartments are disturbingly easy to pick. It’s worthwhile to invest in strong up-to-date locks that will deter Cincinnati locksmiths usually recommend that you install high security locks with keys that are hard to duplicate. Look for brands like Medeco and Mul-T- Lock and KabaIlco for commer- cial security.

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Install a security system at your main entrance Ask a residential locksmith about the wide range of alarms motion-detector lights cameras and other security systems available today.

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Hire an up-to-date automotive locksmith Newer cars often have high-tech security systems that rely more on electronics and computer chips than simple mechanics. Make sure that your locksmith is qualified to work on your make and model of car If you get locked out opening a new car is a very different job than an old one.

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Use lockouts to test and upgrade your security If you get locked out of your home see how long it takes your locksmith to get the lock open. It probably won’t take a determined burglar much longer Take the opportunity to ask the locksmith about your security and what you can do to improve it.

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Look into keyless security systems Security has evolved beyond the traditional lock and key model. Keypad combination locks card keys electronic keys and other keyless entry meth- ods are increasingly common especially for cars and com- mercial security.

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