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Cuestionary and interview 1.- ¿ What was you favorite toy? 2.- ¿ What's the tv program that you used to watch? 3.- ¿ Talk to me about a good memory of your childhood.. 4.- ¿ What was your favorite song? 5.- ¿ Who was your best friend? 6.- ¿ Did you play sports? 7.- ¿What was your favorite or special place to be? 8.- ¿What was your favorite food? 9.- ¿ Talk to me about your hobbies that you had back then.. 10.-¿Did you like to go to the beach? INTERVIEW TO MY BROTHER my favorite toy is carst my favorite program in the television was the carts was to mazinger z, a good memory of my childhood was when to learn to walk and when it spoke silly things towards laughing family much. my favorite song was the cradle songs. my better friend was my andres brother since we were not in a stable site really not having time to make good friendly practiced soccer much my favourite place was my house with my family always to be reunited and my favorite food was the Chinese meals and ice creams in my free times I studied much liked to always read and to live put in a swimming pool.

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