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Plan the Perfect Party:

Plan the Perfect Party http://


Steps to Planning It’s about celebrating one of the happiest moments of your life with the person you’re going to share the rest of your life with . Suffice to say that it’s a big deal and most definitely calls for a party with your closest friends . There are many directions you could take for the ultimate party . Whether you want to do a home hosted dinner party or a large one in an engagement hall in Mumbai, there are some things that you need to know. http://


Hostest with the Mostest Tradition dictates that the party is usually hosted by the bride’s parents, but who follows the norm anymore ? The latest trend follows the aim for equality and says that the couple can throw and host the party jointly, even when it comes to finances . There’s no need to stress if your parents are hoping for a formal event because they can just have their way with banquet halls for the wedding. It’s quite cool if you want to save the bills and just have a casual but cool party with your closest people at home too. http://


Save the Date First decide the time gap you want to give yourself between the party and the wedding. If you’re in no rush, then just relax and plan without any issues and do it the way you wish to . And by chance if the dates are close together, just have an intimate and spontaneous gathering over the weekend. You can choose to celebrate right after the proposal or maybe give yourself some time and space to breathe and revel in the joy. Either way, saving the date is an important factor is you’re planning to look at engagement halls in Mumbai. http://


Basic Budgets Budgeting between the families aren’t just for banquet halls for the wedding, but every pre and post event that takes place. Deciding a fixed amount will help you make some serious decisions and result in overall efficiency. The budget also gives you an idea of the kind of party you want . Another factor it takes care of is the guest list and its size generally. http://


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